Sunday, September 29, 2013

TV Review: Breaking Bad Final Season [2008-2013]

High school chemistry teacher Walter White cooks meth to raise enough money for his family when he dies of cancer. Now he has become the Heisenberg a drug lord who later gives up everything for his family. However his brother-in-law and DEA agent Hank discovers that Walter is Heisenberg. Now the final season begins as Walter’s cancer returns and both Hank and Walter come to blows.

09 – Hank confronts Walter on being the drug lord Heisenberg
10 – Hank meets with Skylar while Walter hides the money
11 – Walter creates a video to blackmail and frames Hank
12 – Hank and Jesse team up against Walter
13 – Hank and Jesse trick Walter into incriminating himself
14 – Hank is killed and Jesse tortured for information then forced to cook
15 – Walter goes into hiding and plans on finishing what he started
16 – Series Finale: Walter gets everything he wants at the end