Saturday, December 8, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Aquaman [2018] Jason Momoa | Amber Heard

Aquaman’s mom Atlanna who is Queen of Atlantis is washed up on shore and she is rescued by the keeper of the  lighthouse. They fall in love however Atlantis finds her who betraying the King of Atlantis who wants an arrange marriage with her. She goes back to protect her son Arthur. In the present, Arthur becomes Aquaman and stops Black Manta who has taken over a submarine. During the battle, Black Manta’s father is trapped and asks Aquaman for mercy which he doesn’t give. 

Back in Atlantis Orm wants to become Ocean Master by conquering the surface world. Orm is the half-brother of Arthur so Mera wants to stop the upcoming war by having Arthur declared as King of Atlantis. She wants to get a trident to claim the throne. Orm is secretly working with Black Manta to attack Atlantis so he can declare war on the surface world. 

Orm captures Arthur who challenges his position as King of Atlantis. It is revealed when Orm's father discovered Atlanna had a son Arthur he sacrificed her. Now the two brothers battle each other for the throne. Arthur is defeated however Mera rescues him so they can retrieve the lost trident which is located in the Sahara. 

Orm cannot get both Arthur and Mera without losing his alliance so he hires Black Manta and gives him weapons to kill them both. He tracks them both down but they defeat him and escape to recover the lost trident. Arthur and Mera head towards the Kingdom of the Trench and fight off the creatures there and arrive in a prehistoric land at the Earth's core. Mera is saved by Atlanna who is believed to have been executed but she exiled herself to save Arthur and his father. 

Arthur seeks the lost trident but must defeat the boss man protecting it. He converses with her who deems his worthy because he understands her. Arthur frees the lost trident and confronts his half-brother Orm who is uniting the underwater kingdoms against the surface world under the name of Ocean Master. Now Arthur knows he cannot defeat Orm who has spent his life underwater so he takes him above the surface. After defeating him, Orm demands death but Arthur does not offer it and Atlanna arrives to calm Orm. Now Atlantis has a new King overlooking the newly returned Queen Atlanna.


Friday, December 7, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Titans [2018] Season 1

We are introduced to Raven who receives visions of Dick Grayson as a child losing his parents. Dick Grayson has moved to Detroit to do things his way as Robin instead of following the footsteps of Batman. Kory Anders AKA Starfire wakes up in Austria and finds a photo of Raven. Grayson takes Raven to Hawk and Dove however they are ambushed by the Nuclear Family who pushes Dove off the roof and take Raven. Starfire tracks down the Nuclear Family and rescues Raven. She takes Raven to a church who confides her to her room until she escapes. She meets Beast Boy who takes her to meet the Doom Patrol. Meanwhile both Dick Grayson and Kory are tracking Raven down. They find her and Beast Boy and leave the Doom Patrol behind. 

Now the Titans take down the new Nuclear Family and Dick Grayson finds the person responsible however falls for a trap. Overwhelmed and about to fall, Dick is saved by the new Robin. Together they take on Anthony Zucco's son who wants revenge on Grayson for letting his father get killed. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Riverdale [2019] Season 3

Archie is sent to prison and plans his escape. Betty and Jughead discover a cult in Riverdale that has something to do with a game called Gryphons and Gargolyes a game their parents played. The game has resulted in murder and the parents fear more deaths will occur. A flashback scene exposes the parents of Riverdale playing the same game with the consequence ending with the murder of a principal. The murder is suspected to be one of the parents involved. 

Archie escapes from prison and leaves Riverdale as things escalates with G & G. Betty is imprisoned by her mom and sent to the nuns and brainwashed. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Devil Comics Review | The Flash [2019] Season 5 Cicada

XS Nora Allen cannot open the Speed Force so she is stuck in the present and unable to return to her future. However she arrived in the present because her father Barry Allen disappeared during the Crisis in 2024. Barry and Nora team up to stop the Metahuman Block who is stabbed by Cicada. He uses Dark Matter to control and manipulate other Metahuman’s powers. Cicada targets Vibe and believes he has killed him as Cisco lays low. 

Both Flash and XS deals with a reporter that is using Meta tech. XS reveals to her mother that she resents her for overprotecting her by placing a chip in her body to stop her speed powers. The Flash deals with Rag Doll however is captured but is rescued by Iris and the Elongated Man. 

Caitlin Snow finds her father who is the villain known as Icicle who created Killer Frost. The Weather Wizard's daughter the Weather Witch arrives with Meta tech to manipulate the weather. The Flash team discover the identity of Cicada. Flash and XS travel to the past to create a Dark Matter dagger to stop Cicada however he escapes. Nora travels into the future to talk to an imprisioned Harrison Wells AKA Eobard Thawne.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Legends of Tomorrow [2019] Season 4

Following last season – the Legends let out other demons across time while defeating Mallus. They travel to Woodstock to stop a demon unicorn and then they travel to Salem Witch Trials of 1692 to defeat a fairy godmother. In 1977 anarchy descends in the UK, the Legends are sent to stop the band called the Smells. They discover a changeling so John Constantine fixes her powers to reassemble Vixen. The Legends travel to 1995 summer camp to find out why kids are missing. They stop the demon and rescue the kids however Constantine uses his powers which would require Nora to restore. 

The Legends travel to 1951 Tokyo's bay to deal with a sea monster. They discover the sea monster came from a book where the artist created the story. They later head to Paris in 1927 to fight a Minotaur.  

Constantine changes the past which affect the Legends throughout time. 

Devil Comics Review | Arrow [2019] Season 7 The Longbow Hunters

Oliver Queen is in prison as a new Arrow is on the streets. The finale of the first episode sees an adult William travel to Lian Yu to meet with Roy Harper which happens in the future. Ricardo Diaz hires the assassins the Longbow Hunters. Felicity teams up with the FBI who put Oliver away to take down Diaz. They capture the Silencer as Diaz gains supernatural strength. Oliver defends himself within a prison fight club and moves to another level at the prison. 

Felicity and Laurel Lance free the Silencer so she will lead them to Diaz. In the future we discover Felicity is dead as Oliver Queen is brainwashed in prison. He teams up with Taila Ghul and takes down the Level 2 of the prison which gives Felicity leverage for Oliver to be released. 

The Arrow Team, Argus, and the new Green Arrow apprehended Ricardo Diaz. The Feds agree to exchange Oliver for Diaz. In the future we find out that Felicity becomes the Calculator before she died while working with Blackstar. Oliver and Diaz face off in prison as a riot erupts from within. Oliver finally takes down Diaz and he is freed. While free Green Arrow Oliver Queen is working with the Star City Police Department. We find out the mysterious Green Arrow working in Star City is Robert Queen's daughter. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Supergirl [2019] Season 4

Supergirl has to stop Mercy and Otis Graves from attacking the President’s Camp David Alien Summit. The incident exposes the President as an alien while as the Graves works with Agent Liberty to rid the world of aliens. In Russia another Supergirl emerges. Mercy attacks L Corp however she gets captured and place in a cell next to her brother Otis however they both escape and poison Supergirl. Now Supergirl needs to wear a suit to protect herself from Krypton radiation affecting the world. The original of Agent Liberty is revealed as a xenophobic terrorist. Agent Liberty's identity is revealed to the public as Ben Lockwood while fighting Manchester Black and Supergirl.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Star Wars: Resistance [2018] Season 1

Poe Dameron asks X-Wing pilot Kazuda Xiono to join the Resistance and sends him on a mission to spy on a fueling station for the First Order. However Kaz accidentally refers himself as the best pilot in the known galaxy and now he has to race to prove that he is one. He loses the race but wins the respect of the people around him. 

Kaz and BB-8 uncover information of a pirate attack on the fueling station. He disrupts the pirate’s communication channels which forces them to retreat. The pirate attack was orchestrated by the First Order. 

A racer tricks Kaz to steal hyper-fuel to win a race. Kaz saves his life before his ship exploded in the race. However he makes a new enemy on the fueling station. 

The First Order visits the fueling station and offers a deal which is rejected. The First Order searches for the children of Tehar who were witnesses to the destruction of their planet. They escape with the help of Kaz. Poe arrives and with Kaz rescue Synara Syn who was inside a pirate ship and also pirate. The pirates attack however they are repealed by Kaz. Yeager reunites with his brother Marcus who races to save his mechanic from a criminal organization. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Cosmic Ghost Rider [2018] Donny Cates

Following the Thanos series, Frank Castle enters Valhalla where Odin makes him the Cosmic Ghost Rider. He heads to Titan to find baby Thanos and kill him however the baby is an innocent so he adopts him instead. He visits Galactus who wants to destroy Thanos however the Cosmic Ghost Rider decides to raise the child himself. The Watcher arrives and warns the Cosmic Ghost Rider that by having the Punisher raise Thanos another timeline will be created. Then the Guardians of the Galaxy arrive lead by Cable, Captain Marvel, Jubilee, Rocket, and Juggaduck.

Cosmic Rider fights off the entire Marvel Universe until baby Thanos and an adult Thanos arrives as the new Punisher. The Punisher Thanos takes the Cosmic Ghost Rider to another universe where he was raised and discovers he died however Frank Castle lives with his wife. However the Punisher Thanos punished the rest of the world which the Cosmic Ghost Rider did not want. Now the Punisher Thanos now wants the Cosmic Ghost Rider to be his herald as he once was before. The Cosmic Ghost Rider kills Thanos and takes the baby Thanos back to his own time only to discover that he taught Thanos how to kill. Now the Cosmic Ghost Rider seeks redemption so he will be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Venom [2018]

After Tom Hardy starred as Bane in the Dark Knight Rises in 2012 and after Sony’s disastrous Spider-Man 3 which introduced Venom in 2007, Sony and Hardy unites to bring a new version of Venom to the big screen. The trailers introduce Eddie Brock as an investigative reporter searching for a story at Life Foundation who uses people as test subjects that kill them. Brock discovers the Venom symbiote, which latches onto him and he is targeted by the Life Foundation who want it back. The movie introduces Riot and She-Venom and a prologue to the sequel Carnage. A fairly good movie which steps up the character Venom than Spider-Man 3. 

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Venom by Donny Cates Vol. 1: Rex [2018]

Unlike the other Venom series, writer Donny Cates focuses on creating a rich history of the symbiote which will later create a villain Knull leading to an ultimate confrontation. But first we get to see the confrontation between Miles Morales and Eddie Brock go at it until they face Knull who reveals his history linking to Thor: The God of Thunder series by Jason Aaron. While Knull reveals his backstory, Miles discovers that they are inside symbiote dragon carrying them over Earth. Venom flies both himself and Miles out of the dragon and confront Rex Strickland who is a symbiote. Together they combine to take on Knull the God of Symbiotes. Knull is defeated by burning in a furnace.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Exiles [2018]

The first issue of the Exiles begins with the Unseen who was once Nick Fury and now bound to watch helplessly as the multiverse of Earths are destroyed by the Time-Eater. Shortly another Nick Fury arrives from the multiverse with the Tallus which is a device that allows the holder to travel between dimensions. Blink senses the Tallus and heads towards the moon where she meets with the Unseen and he tells her of the crisis within the multiverse.

She travels to the multiverse were she meets a future Ms. Marvel and Iron Lad as their realities are destroyed by the Time-Eater who is revealed to be Galactus. This book has got me hooked from the beginning with Nick Fury as the Unseen to the revelation of Galactus as the Time-Eater. In issue two Blink meets Wolvie who is a cartoon friendly Wolverine and Valkyrie who was battling Surtur on Asgard. Afterwards Blink and her team arrive in her reality but on the moon and are confronted by the Unseen and the Watchers. The Watchers want the Unseen punished for interfering and accidentally destroy the Tallus which sends the Exiles into different timelines including one with Sharon Carter as Captain America and the Thing as Blackbeard. 

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Devil Comics Review | The Flash [2018] Flash War

After Iris West kills the Reverse Flash in the 25th century, an investigation is launched and the Renegades which are the future version of the Rogues are sent back into the past to retrieve her by another Reverse Flash Hunter Zolomon. After witnessing the death of Eobard Thawne decides mercy should not be given to either Wally West nor Barry Allen. The Renegades bring back Iris West, Flash, and Kid Flash however discover that Iris is innocent because killing the Reverse Flash was in self-defense and not murder. They also discover the person that sent them on their mission to retrieve her is Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom. 

Zoom convinces Wally West to break the Speed Force so Wally can retrieve his children but Barry plans to stop him from making a mistake similar to Flashpoint. Wally breaks the Speed Force which releases other forces including the Strength, Sage, and Still Forces which Zoom now has access to. Now the Flashes can no longer travel through time but in the present Impulse is back and in the 25th Century a Crisis villain escapes.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Ant-Man and the Wasp [2018]

After Civil War and before Infinity War, Scott Lang is under house arrest but teams up with Hope Van Dyne and Hank Pym on a new mission. The sequel introduces Ghost and the return of the original Wasp as well as the Quantum Realm. The finale sees Ant-Man trapped in the Quantum Realm as the others are wiped out of existence due to the events of Infinity War and Thanos. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Amazing Spider-Man [2018] Red Goblin

During an interview between Spider-Man and James Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker revealed his identity to his former boss and brother-in-law. Now Norman Osborn with the Carnage symbiote kills the Goblin King and kidnaps James Jameson. During the interrogation Norman discovers Spider-Man is Peter Parker. The Green Goblin attacks the Daily Bugle and sets off an explosion nearly killing Norman Osborn and transforming him into the Red Goblin. In his weakest state fighting Osborn, Peter is asked to surrender being Spider-Man otherwise the Red Goblin will kill everyone he cares about. The Red Goblin takes down all of Spider-Man's friends from Miles Morales, Silk, Clash, and Anti-Venom. He targets his grandson Normie and transforms him into a Red Goblin. 

J. Jonah Jameson contacts Eddie Brock/Venom to help Spider-Man with the Red Goblin. Spider-Man heads to Horizon Labs to mix anti-Venom into his web-fluid which can stop Norman Osborn. However Osborn gets there first and targets Mary Jane for breaking the deal Parker made with him. Venom arrives to save Mary Jane from the Red Goblin while Normie goes after Aunt May but is saved by Doctor Octopus. 

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