Thursday, December 14, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Star Wars [2017] The Last Jedi

Following The Force Awakens, the Resistance and Rey searches for Luke Skywalker following the death of Han Solo to stop the First Order and Kylo Ren. 

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Gotham [2018] A Dark Knight

The Penguin issues licenses to conduct crime in Gotham with the cooperation of the GCPD. James Gordon seeks the help of Carmine Falcone to stop the Penguin. His daughter Sofia offers to help. Professor Pyg arrives in Gotham assassinating cops and dressing them with severed heads of pigs. James Gordon discovers Harvey Bullock is on the Penguin’s payroll and almost becomes a victim of Pyg. The Gotham PD and the Penguin goes their separate ways after Professor Pyg sets a trap for both of them. He is later captured by Gordon and escaped Arkham Asylum. 

Barbara Kean is resurrected by Ras Al Ghul who wants an ancient knife which Bruce purchased at an auction. Ras Al Ghul wants Bruce to use the knife on him to end his suffering. Bruce stabs Ras Al Ghul and her perishes. 

The Riddler is released from his icy prison only to lose his intelligence. Butch becomes Solomon Grundy and teams up with the Riddler. They compete in a ring in the Narrows until the Penguin sends Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina to retrieve the Riddler. Both Grundy and Tabitha fight for the Riddler until Firefly shows up to retrieve him. Leslie Thompkins stops Firefly and becomes the leader of the citizens in the Narrows. 

Scarecrow is born seeking revenge on all who made his life miserable including James Gordon. Poison Ivy enhances her powers.

The Penguin discovers Sofia made James Gordon the Captain of the GCPD so he can use the full might of police force to stop him. Sofia is kidnapped by Barbara Kean however both of them unite against the Penguin. Carmine Falcone arrives to take Sofia away but she has him assassinated so she can take over Gotham using Gordon and the GCPD. We also find out that Pyg was working with Sofia who she later kills. Penguin is imprisoned with his cellmate Jerome Valeska AKA the Joker. 

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Flash [2018] Season 4 Thinker

Barry Allen returns from the Speed Force with the help of Cisco to defeat adversaries gathered by the Thinker. These twelve new Metahumans were created when Barry returned from the Speed Force. Wally West leaves Central City. One of the Metahumans on the bus is Ralph Dibny the Elongated Man. Cisco deals with Gypsy's father Breacher who is targeting the Elongated Man on the account his species destroyed his planet in the multiverse. Barry discovers the link between the Elongated Man and Clifford Devoe AKA the Thinker.

Killer Frost confronts her former boss Amunet Black who wants her back. The Elongated Man and the Flash take on Black Bison. Later Barry and Joe West confront Clifford Devoe before his transformation into the Thinker. Devoe reveals himself to the Flash as he was born on the same day as him. 

After Barry and Iris are married, Devoe creates a plan where his consciousness is transferred to a new Metahuman called Brainstorm so he can frame Barry for his own murder.  

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Devil Comics Review | Legends of Tomorrow [2018] Season 3 Mallus

The Legends of Tomorrow returns to the present of 2017 after breaking time. Rip Hunter returns to set things right and disbands the Legends. Julius Caesar is loose in the present and the Legends search for him. They capture him and return him to the past however Caesar changed history. After setting things right with Caesar the Legends track down a sabretooth tiger with the help of Vixen. The Legends discover a new threat that the Rip Hunter and his Time Bureau are afraid of. 

The Legends travel to 2042 where Argus enforces the Metahuman Act of 2021 to stop an assassin from killing Zari. They then travel to 1988 to save Ray Palmer who has a baby Dominator from getting killed. The young Ray is rescued and the baby Dominator is returned to his mother. 

After seeing Professor Martin Stein see his grandchild, Jefferson Jackson believes Firestorm needs to be split apart. Rip Hunter and the Legends unite in 1897 London to hunt a time-traveling vampire. Rip reveals the existence of Mallus who became a threat after the Legends broke time. They find the body of Damien Darhk who Mallus wants to resurrect for his own plans. Damien is resurrected and Rip Hunter is arrested by the Time Bureau he helped create. 

The Legends head to 1967 Vietnam to stop Gorilla Grodd from killing the President and start World War III. Grodd gets pulled from 1967 Vietnam into the present by Damien Dakh. Legends head to the period when the Vikings landed in North America and prevent them from staying there. Following the death of Professor Stein, Jefferson leaves the Waverider as John Constantine arrives. 

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Supergirl [2018] Season 3 Reign

After dealing with the Daxamite Invasion and the loss of Mon-El, Kara becomes a full-time Supergirl until she realizes her life as Kara is important. Afterwards Supergirl joins Martian Manhunter on Mars to save his planet after discovering his father is still alive. 

Kara investigates a cult based around Rao the Kryptonian deity and claims Supergirl as their savior. The group is formed from the survivors Kara saved as her first outing as Supergirl. 

Lena Luthor is framed for poisoning children with lead radiation when she used the Daxamite bomb to defend Earth by Morgan Edge. Both Kara and Samantha Arias find the answers to the frame up and informs Lena who is later kidnapped by Morgan Edge. Supergirl rescues Lena and Samantha discovers she can withstand bullets. 

Kara finds Mon-El in a 12,000 year-old ship as Samantha discovers her Kryptonian heritage. Kara discovers Mon-El went into the future and arrived in the 31st century Earth where he got married to Saturn Girl of the Legion of Superheroes. Samantha uses the Kryptonian crystal to build the Fortress of Sanctuary and discovers she is the worldkiller Reign. 

After Kryptonian symbols are appearing all over National City, Supergirl confronts Reign who defeats her. 

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Agents of Shield [2018] Season 5

Following last season when the agents were in an artificial framework and encountered the Ghost Rider, they escaped and taken to a Kree station called the Lighthouse where they encounter an alien species called the Vrellnexians as well as the Kree race. The agents discover they have traveled through time when Earth is destroyed. After the destruction of Earth, the Kree stepped in and removed humanity's history so they can focus on the future. The Vrellnexians now inhabit Earth hunting down the last of the humans. We discover the destruction of Earth was caused by Quake. 

Sanara a Kree guard works for Kasius who runs the Lighthouse. 

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Crisis on Earth-X

Earth-X where the Nazis won World War II attacks Barry and Iris’ wedding to kidnap Supergirl. Overgirl, Dark Archer, and Zoom weakens Kara so they can conduct surgery on her while the heroes are stuck on Earth X. The heroes team up with the Ray and Captain Cold and return to Earth 1 to save Kara. 

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Star Wars Rebels [2017] Final Season

The Rebels rescue Sabine’s father on Mandalore before he is executed by the Empire. They rescue her father however the Empire responds by using a weapon designed by Sabine to penetrate Mandalore armor. Sabine Darksaber to the rightful leader of Mandalore. The Rebels head back to Yavin IV to stop the Empire's new communication relay with the help of Saw Gerrera. Now Saw needs Sabine and Erza's help to infiltrate an Imperial ship to discover what the Empire is building as they killed the people of Geonosis to silence them. They find prisoners who specialize in building a reactor core and a large Kyber crystal for the Empire's superweapon. Saw destroys the Kyber crystal while Erza and Sabine save the prisoners who later join the Rebellion. 

The Rebels head back to Lothal to deal with the Empire's new version of the Tie Defender. They plan an attack on the Tie Defender factory. Sabine and Ezra steal a Tie Defender and Grand Admiral Thrawn tests their abilities. They manage to steal the flight data recorder of the Tie Defender to use against the Empire. Hera takes the flight data recorder to Mon Mothma and plans are under way to destroy the Tie Defender factory. The Rebel attack fails and Kanan and Erza has to rescue Hera from the planet however she is captured by the Empire. 

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Arrow [2018] Season 6

Five months after the destruction of Lian Yu, Oliver Queen is outed as the Green Arrow as Black Siren attacks. Now Mayor Queen is being investigated by the FBI which is quickly dissolved when evidence arises that Queen is not he Green Arrow. Later Oliver asks John Diggle to become the Green Arrow. 

Black Siren murders three unrelated victims however the Arrow team discovers she is working with Cayden James the former leader of Helix. The Vigilante returns and he is revealed to be Black Canary's previous partner. Deathstroke asks Oliver Queen for help tracking down his son who was kidnapped from prison by the Jackals only to discover he is the boss. 

Oliver Queen is arrested by the FBI for being the Green Arrow while Black Siren attacks and steals for Cayden James. Oliver discovers someone within the team has betrayed him so he spies on his teammates as Quentin Lance is kidnapped by Black Siren. Wild Dog admits he is the one who betrayed the team. Oliver focuses on saving Lance and stopping Cayden James however the team falls apart. We discovered Cayden James has been spying on Oliver and his team along with his own teammates including Richard Dragon, Vigilante, Black Siren, and Anatoly Knyazev.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Devil Comics Review | The Gifted [2017] Season 1

After a cataclysmic event between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, both teams are gone and harsh anti-mutant laws are in place which gave rise to the Mutant Underground formed by Magneto’s daughter Polaris. She is captured while rescuing her friends and later meets Reed Strucker who is a district attorney with two mutant children Lauren and Andy. They grow up to become the Fenris twins. 

Andy and Lauren are wanted by Sentinel Services for an incident at the school. Jace Turner leads the operation however it drives the Struckers into the Mutant Underground with Blink, Eclipse, and John Proudstar AKA Thunderbird. The Struckers and the Mutant Underground work together to free Polaris and Reed from Sentinel Services. 

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Devil Comics Review | Lucifer [2018] Season 3

After being kidnapped, Lucifer wakes up with his angel wings and loss of his devil’s face. He discovers the Sinner Man is behind his kidnapping. Lieutenant Marcus Pierce takes over the Lancaster Police Department. 

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Justice League [2017]

The primary villain for Justice League is Steppenwolf after appearing in a deleted scene in Batman V Superman with three Mother Boxes each distributed to the Amazons, Atanteans, and Humans on Earth long ago. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg’s back story will be reflected in the Justice League. After Superman is killed by Doomsday, Batman and Wonder Woman assemble a team of Metahumans to stand up against the assault against Earth. They use the Mother Box to restore Superman and take down Steppenwolf. 


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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Star Trek Discovery [2017] Season 1

Taking place ten years before the adventures of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, a fractured Klingon Empire is attempting to unite under T’Kuvma. First Officer Michael Burnham of the USS Shenzhou find T’Kuvma flagship the Sarcophagus, the Ship of the Dead, floating in space. A battle erupts between the Federation and the Klingons which is used to unite the Klingon Empire. T’Kuvma is killed and Voq the Torchbearer and L’Rell encouraged the Klingon High Council to carry out the vision of T’Kuvma and unite against the Federation. However Voq is left stranded on the USS Shenzhou as Kol unites the Klingon Empire. L’Rell rescues Voq and board a raider ship so he can reach the matriarchs.

After the battle Michael Burnham is sentenced to prison for treason and beginning the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. She is recruited by Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery which has a spore jump drive to teleport them anywhere in the quadrant. The Klingons discover their new technology and kidnap Lorca who is imprisoned with Lieutenant Ash Tyler and the intergalactic criminal Harry Mudd. Lorca and Tyler escape from the Klingon prison and unite with the Discovery. Later Lorca makes Tyler his Chief Security Officer. 

The mid-season finale ends with the Discovery destroying the Sarcophagus and the spore jump drive takes the Discovery where no one has gone before. 

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Superman [2017] The Oz Effect

Mr. Oz was introduced before the end of the New 52 and the beginning of Rebirth. He has imprisoned Doomsday, Tim Drake, and ripped Kryptonite from the heart of Metallo. Now the identity of Mr. Oz is revealed to be Superman’s father Jor-El who recounts his history of the last days of Krypton and the first few days of Earth. He is convinced Earth is empty of hope and wants to take Clark's family away. Oz makes himself known to both Lois and Jonathan while revealing to Superboy his future on another planet Bliss. He reveals an unstoppable threat is coming and nothing can prevent it. 


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Monday, October 30, 2017

Devil Comics Review | Riverdale Season 2 [2018] Who Shot Fred Andrews?

Following the first season where Jason Blossom's killer was revealed, Archie’s father Fred Andrews was shot at Pop's diner. The killer also strangled Archie's music teacher and shot two Riverdale High students. Archie goes on the offensive and forms the Red Circle consisting of his football teammates to stop the killer. 

The Black Hood contacts Betty Cooper whose speech to cleanse Riverdale motives him. He wants to target Betty's sister unless she gives him a name. Betty gives the name of the person who almost raped Cherry Blossom, Nick St. Clair. 

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