Saturday, October 6, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Star Wars: Resistance [2018] Season 1

Poe Dameron asks X-Wing pilot Kazuda Xiono to join the Resistance and sends him on a mission to spy on a fueling station for the First Order. However Kaz accidently refers himself as the best pilot in the known galaxy and now he has to race to prove that he is one. He loses the race but wins the respect of the people around him. 

Kaz and BB-8 uncover information of a pirate attack on the fueling station. He disrupts the pirate’s communication channels which forces them to retreat. The pirate attack was orchestrated by the First Order. 

A racer tricks Kaz to steal hyper-fuel to win a race. Kaz saves his life before his ship exploded in the race. However he makes a new enemy on the fueling station.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Venom by Donny Cates Vol. 1: Rex [2018]

Unlike the other Venom series, writer Donny Cates focuses on creating a rich history of the symbiote which will later create a villain Knull leading to an ultimate confrontation. But first we get to see the confrontation between Miles Morales and Eddie Brock go at it until they face Knull who reveals his history linking to Thor: The God of Thunder series by Jason Aaron. While Knull reveals his backstory, Miles discovers that they are inside symbiote dragon carrying them over Earth. Venom flies both himself and Miles out of the dragon and confront Rex Strickland who is a symbiote. Together they combine to take on Knull the God of Symbiotes. Knull is defeated by burning in a furnace.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Exiles [2018]

The first issue of the Exiles begins with the Unseen who was once Nick Fury and now bound to watch helplessly as the multiverse of Earths are destroyed by the Time-Eater. Shortly another Nick Fury arrives from the multiverse with the Tallus which is a device that allows the holder to travel between dimensions. Blink senses the Tallus and heads towards the moon where she meets with the Unseen and he tells her of the crisis within the multiverse.

She travels to the multiverse were she meets a future Ms. Marvel and Iron Lad as their realities are destroyed by the Time-Eater who is revealed to be Galactus. This book has got me hooked from the beginning with Nick Fury as the Unseen to the revelation of Galactus as the Time-Eater. In issue two Blink meets Wolvie who is a cartoon friendly Wolverine and Valkyrie who was battling Surtur on Asgard. Afterwards Blink and her team arrive in her reality but on the moon and are confronted by the Unseen and the Watchers. The Watchers want the Unseen punished for interfering and accidentally destroy the Tallus which sends the Exiles into different timelines including one with Sharon Carter as Captain America and the Thing as Blackbeard. 

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Devil Comics Review | The Flash [2018] Flash War

After Iris West kills the Reverse Flash in the 25th century, an investigation is launched and the Renegades which are the future version of the Rogues are sent back into the past to retrieve her by another Reverse Flash Hunter Zolomon. After witnessing the death of Eobard Thawne decides mercy should not be given to either Wally West nor Barry Allen. The Renegades bring back Iris West, Flash, and Kid Flash however discover that Iris is innocent because killing the Reverse Flash was in self-defense and not murder. They also discover the person that sent them on their mission to retrieve her is Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom. 

Zoom convinces Wally West to break the Speed Force so Wally can retrieve his children but Barry plans to stop him from making a mistake similar to Flashpoint. Wally breaks the Speed Force which releases other forces including the Strength, Sage, and Still Forces which Zoom now has access to. Now the Flashes can no longer travel through time but in the present Impulse is back and in the 25th Century a Crisis villain escapes.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Amazing Spider-Man [2018] Red Goblin

During an interview between Spider-Man and James Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker revealed his identity to his former boss and brother-in-law. Now Norman Osborn with the Carnage symbiote kills the Goblin King and kidnaps James Jameson. During the interrogation Norman discovers Spider-Man is Peter Parker. The Green Goblin attacks the Daily Bugle and sets off an explosion nearly killing Norman Osborn and transforming him into the Red Goblin. In his weakest state fighting Osborn, Peter is asked to surrender being Spider-Man otherwise the Red Goblin will kill everyone he cares about. The Red Goblin takes down all of Spider-Man's friends from Miles Morales, Silk, Clash, and Anti-Venom. He targets his grandson Normie and transforms him into a Red Goblin. 

J. Jonah Jameson contacts Eddie Brock/Venom to help Spider-Man with the Red Goblin. Spider-Man heads to Horizon Labs to mix anti-Venom into his web-fluid which can stop Norman Osborn. However Osborn gets there first and targets Mary Jane for breaking the deal Parker made with him. Venom arrives to save Mary Jane from the Red Goblin while Normie goes after Aunt May but is saved by Doctor Octopus. 

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Supergirl [2018] Season 3 Reign

After dealing with the Daxamite Invasion and the loss of Mon-El, Kara becomes a full-time Supergirl until she realizes her life as Kara is important. Afterwards Supergirl joins Martian Manhunter on Mars to save his planet after discovering his father is still alive. Kara investigates a cult based around Rao the Kryptonian deity and claims Supergirl as their savior. The group is formed from the survivors Kara saved as her first outing as Supergirl. 

Lena Luthor is framed for poisoning children with lead radiation when she used the Daxamite bomb to defend Earth by Morgan Edge. Both Kara and Samantha Arias find the answers to the frame up and informs Lena who is later kidnapped by Morgan Edge. Supergirl rescues Lena and Samantha discovers she can withstand bullets. 

Kara finds Mon-El in a 12,000 year-old ship as Samantha discovers her Kryptonian heritage. Kara discovers Mon-El went into the future and arrived in the 31st century Earth where he got married to Saturn Girl of the Legion of Superheroes. Samantha uses the Kryptonian crystal to build the Fortress of Sanctuary and discovers she is the worldkiller Reign. 

After Kryptonian symbols are appearing all over National City, Supergirl confronts Reign who defeats her. Kara is in a coma and Brainiac 5 helps to guide her come back. Meanwhile the Legion of Superheroes assemble to hold off against Reign until Kara arrives to stop her. 

Supergirl and Saturn Girl team up with Livewire and Psi on a mission to Fort Rozz to recover a prisoner Rozz who has information on how to defeat Reign.  Kara discovers from Rozz that other Worldkillers exist before she is killed by Reign. Livewire and Psi take on Reign to save Supergirl but Livewire is killed. Supergirl returns to Earth trying to find the other Worldkillers before Reign does. 

Someone attempts an assassination on Morgan Edge who blames Lena Luthor for attempted murder. Later Lena is targeted and discovers it was her own mother Lillian Luthor who orchestrated her assassination. Now Lillian makes another attempt but her daughter Lena prevents his assassination so she takes care of him with a Lex Suit. Supergirl and Mon El arrive and stops Lillian while Morgan Edge is arrested for the previous assassination attempts on Lena. 

DEO captures the Worldkiller Purity who escapes and attacks the city’s subway tunnel where Supergirl, Mon-El, Alex, and Martian Manhunter attempt to stop her. Reign arrives and takes Purity to find the third Worldkiller Pestilence. J’onn, Winn, and Mon-El band together to fix the Legion ship. We discover the marriage between Mon-El and Saturn Girl was arranged to unite the planets. The Legion's mission was to find the third Worldkiller who will become Blight in the future. Meanwhile Lena Luthor treats Samantha Arias, Reign. The third Worldkiller Pestilence arrives and both Supergirl and Imra team up to stop her. Pestilence reunites with Purity and together rescue Reign from Lena Luthor. 

Supergirl, Lena Luthor, and Alex use Brainiac's technology to hack into world of Reign to find Samantha. Together they find the location of the Fortress of Sanctuary with Martian Manhunter and Mon-El joining them to take on the Dark Trinity. Both Pestilence and Purity destroy one another as Purity regains her human consciousness. However the combined powers of both Pestilence and Purity enter into Reign and she escapes as the Sanctuary falls. Now Reign must kill her human side to be complete so she plans on killing Ruby, Samantha's daughter. 

Lena Luthor hid Ruby in her brother's mansion which is clocked as her mother Reign searches for her. Reign kills her birth mother and finds Ruby however she is captured by Supergirl and Mon-El using synthesized Kryptonite from Lena Luthor. However Reign is adapting to the Kryptonite thanks to the powers of Pestilence. 

Guardian and Supergirl stop the Church of Rao from creating another Worldkiller. They discover a rock called Yuda Kal that could stop Reign so Mon-El and Supergirl must travel 5 Light Years away to get it. They land on a Argo City where Supergirl meets her mom who along with the Argo Council gave the rock Yuda Kal to cure Reign. However the priestess who has been guiding Reign has been on Argo City all along. 

Supergirl heads back to Earth with Mon-El and cures Reign with the Yuda Kal. Afterwards Kara Zor-El returns to Argo City to spend time with her mother, as the Daughters of the Night take their ship to Earth and resurrect the Fortress of Sanctuary. The Daughters of the Night resurrect Reign as she turns Earth into New Krypton. Kara, her mother, and Mon-El transport back to Earth to stop them. Kara stops Reign however she inadvertently created a new nemesis by using the Yuda Kal in Siberia: The Red Daughter. 

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Solo [2018] A Star Wars Story

Han Solo met his fate when he confronted his son Ben Solo in The Force Awakens. It was the first time we saw Han Solo after decades. Now Lucasfilm showcases his origins in the new movie exploring how he met Chewbacca, Lando, and flew the Millennium Falcon through the dark criminal underworld.

Crime syndicates are competing for limited resources such as food, medicine, and hyperfuel. On Corellia the shipbuilding planet, Lady Proxima forces runaways into a life of crime in exchange for shelter and protection.

We see Han Solo running away from the authorities and the lucky dice he placed on the getaway vehicle last seen in Star Wars The Last Jedi. Solo reunites with his girlfriend Qi’ra to get off the planet however she is captured while he joins the Imperial Navy where he frees Chewbacca.

Han Solo meets Tobias Beckett who introduces him to a life of crime and together they go on their first heist of stealing a shipment of Imperial fuel. But their first heist runs into complications which lands Beckett and Solo into debt with Dryden Vos and Qi’ra of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate. Beckett offers Dryden another way to pay off the debt which involves stealing raw fuel from Kessel then converting it.

Dryden wants Qi’ra to be part of Beckett’s crew to make sure nothing goes wrong. But first they need a fast ship which only Lando Calrissian is willing to lend for a percentage. During the heist Lando Calrissian’s droid L3-37 becomes apart the navigation system of the Millennium Falcon which helps Han find a short cut through the Kessel Run.

The third act sees Han double crossing Dryden, Beckett double crossing Han and Dryden, Qi’ra double crossing Dryden, and Han killing Dryden. Qi’ra stays back and commits herself to Crimson Dawn which is led by Darth Maul. The entire movie is a flashback of things that have already happened. From winning the Millennium Falcon, the Kessel Run, meeting Chewie and Lando. The only surprise is the leader of Crimson Dawn Darth Maul who met his end by the hands of Obi Wan Kenobi during the Star Wars Rebel series. The potential is there where we focus on Lando or Boba Fett before climaxing with Darth Maul at the end of the trilogy.  


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Krypton [2018] Season One

The series follows Superman’s grandfather Seg-El who witnesses the death of his own grandfather trying to prove they are not alone in the universe. The story picks up years later with Seg-El meeting Adam Strange who gives him a key to his father’s Fortress of Solitude. During a raid his mother is captured and held for trial, where Seg-El witnesses the death of his parents by the House of Zod. Now Seg-El must restore his house of El the founders of the Science Guild and save both Krypton and his future grandson from an alien known as Brainiac. The other houses include Zod the protectors of Krypton, Vex the lawmakers of Krypton, and Em which kneeled to the House of Zod.

Adam Strange and Seg-El discover that Brainiac has already sent a scout to Krypton and he is heading towards the planet and takes over the Voice of Rao. Seg is captured by Black Zero who knows about Brainiac as the Voice of Rao is infected by a sentry from Brainiac. 

The leader of Black Zero is Zod who is from the future and Lyta's son. Together with Seg they find a way to stop Brainiac from taking Kandor which destabilizes the planet and leads to Krypton's destruction. Adam Strange discovers he wasn't sent back to stop Brainiac but Zod. They find Doomsday who was created by the El and Zods while the Voice of Rao reveals himself as Brainiac. Now Brainiac begins manipulating the people of Kandor to follow his ways towards immortality. 

Brainiac is using the Genesis Chamber as a battery to charge himself. Zod believes Doomsday is the key to stop Brainiac but Seg-El hides it from him while the stasis pod to holding him is deteriorating. We also discover Zod and Jor-El are brothers and Superman could be black. Zod releases Seg-El's grandfather Val-El from the Phantom Zone to help stop Brainiac but he knows there is no way to stop him. Zod offers a deal to Brainiac to save Kandor in exchange for knowledge of the future that Val-El possesses. Seg-El sends Brainiac into the Phantom Zone however Brainiac pulls Seg-El as Val-El holds his hand. Seg-El finds Superman's cape is restored so he lets go of Val-El and he is sent into the Phantom Zone. 

However after Brainiac and Seg-El are gone, Zod destroys the Phantom Zone projector and watches the House of El symbol disappear from Superman's cape replaced by the House of Zod. Now Zod declares himself ruler and turns Krypton into a military force as Doomsday breaks free from his containment. 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Flash [2018] Season 4 Thinker

Barry Allen returns from the Speed Force with the help of Cisco to defeat adversaries gathered by the Thinker. These twelve new Metahumans were created when Barry returned from the Speed Force. Wally West leaves Central City. One of the Metahumans on the bus is Ralph Dibny the Elongated Man. Cisco deals with Gypsy's father Breacher who is targeting the Elongated Man on the account his species destroyed his planet in the multiverse. Barry discovers the link between the Elongated Man and Clifford Devoe AKA the Thinker.

Killer Frost confronts her former boss Amunet Black who wants her back. The Elongated Man and the Flash take on Black Bison. Later Barry and Joe West confront Clifford Devoe before his transformation into the Thinker. Devoe reveals himself to the Flash as he was born on the same day as him. 

After Barry and Iris are married, Devoe creates a plan where his consciousness is transferred to a new Metahuman called Brainstorm so he can frame Barry for his own murder. The trial of Barry Allen is held and he is found guilty and sentenced to Iron Heights in the same cell his father Henry Allen stayed for years.  

The Elongated Man takes on Trickster and his mother while Barry adjusts to life in prison. Cisco and Ralph are both shrunk down due to a Metahuman but the Flash team stops him. Barry’s identity is revealed to the Iron Heights Warden Wolfe who sells him and the other Metahumans to Blacksmith. Barry engineers an escape with the other Metahumans however the Thinker arrives and takes their powers before killing them. Barry is released from prison thanks to Ralph disguising himself as DeVoe but the Flash team discovers Ralph is next on his list. Later Devoe absorbs the powers of another Metahuman the Fiddler. 

A new Metahuman called Melting Point takes away powers or transfers them causing Barry to transfer his powers to Iris who becomes a temporary speedster. Melting Point returns Barry's powers back and joins the Flash team against Devoe. The Flash Team finds another Metahuman Devoe is targeting and takes them back to Star Labs as Devoe attacks takes his powers as well as Ralph Dibney. The Thinker's plan was to have the Flash Team train Ralph Dibney and take his body so he can change and morph his body into original self. 

Flash and Cisco recruit Captain Cold from Earth X to transport Fallout away from the Thinker. Banshee from Earth X follows which throws the Thinker's plan off course leading to Fallout to be transported to Argus. The Flash teams up with Gypsy to stop the Thinker's plan which involves reducing the intelligence of everyone on Earth. Meanwhile the Thinker's wife leaves him. 

The Flash Team searches for Amunet Black whose real name is Leslie Jocoy to help Killer Frost return and stop the Thinker. Harry and Cisco consult with the Council of Harrisons to help Harry with losing his intelligence. The Thinker succeeds in activating the his plan of reducing the intelligence of everyone on Earth so he will be their master. However the Iris convinces the Thinker's wife to stop him by sending Barry Allen into the Thinker's mind and save Clifford Devoe. 

The Flash finds Ralph Dibny in the Thinker's mind and Clifford Devoe dead. Together they stop the Thinker but he manages to cause an extinction level event by crashing satellite into Central City. Flash gets help from another unknown speedster and heads home only to discover the speedster is his own daughter Nora Allen-West, who may have done something to the timeline in the future similar to her father's Flashpoint. 

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Agents of Shield [2018] Season 5

Following last season when the agents were in an artificial framework and encountered the Ghost Rider, they escaped and taken to a Kree station called the Lighthouse where they encounter an alien species called the Vrellnexians as well as the Kree race. The agents discover they have traveled through time when Earth is destroyed. After the destruction of Earth, the Kree stepped in and removed humanity's history so they can focus on the future. The Vrellnexians now inhabit Earth hunting down the last of the humans. We discover the destruction of Earth was caused by Quake. 

Sanara a Kree guard works for Kasius who runs the Lighthouse. Fitz arrives in the future to help his teammates. He discovers they were taken into the future by a prophecy to the year 2091. Fitz sleeps and awakens in the future where he rescues Simmons and Quake. They rescue the rest of the team and head to Earth. 

Mack and Elena leads the human rebellion against Kasius while Coulson and the team return to the Lighthouse. The Agents return back to their own time only to be hunted down led by General Hale and her daughter who has cut off the arms of Yo-Yo. Now General Hale is building a team which includes the Absorbing Man to capture the Coulson and his team. Quake's powers are restored to deal with the Gravitonium to seal the rift as General Hale secretly works with Hydra. 

General Hale takes Coulson and convinces him she needs Quake which Coulson refuses. The Absorbing Man rescues Coulson and Talbot from Hale and escape while the Absorbing Man is stopped. However Hale still has mental controls over Talbot who is later freed by Coulson. Hale's daughter is killed by Yo Yo after she absorbs part of the Gravitonium. Now Hale wants revenge and sends Hydra after Shield. 

The Qovos launches an attack on the Lighthouse to acquire the Gravitonium as Glenn Talbot submits himself to the it so he can stop them. Talbot has become Graviton the Destroyer of Worlds. Now Quake uses her powers to send Graviton into space. Fitz dies however his younger self was sent into the future so its up to the agents to find him. Agent Coulson is left on an island to pass away peacefully with May joining him. 

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Devil Comics Review | Deadpool 2 [2018]

As promised during the aftermath of the first film, Cable is introduced and Deadpool assembles X-Force to stop him from killing someone.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Gotham Season 4 [2018] A Dark Knight

The Penguin issues licenses to conduct crime in Gotham with the cooperation of the GCPD. James Gordon seeks the help of Carmine Falcone to stop the Penguin. His daughter Sofia offers to help. Professor Pyg arrives in Gotham assassinating cops and dressing them with severed heads of pigs. James Gordon discovers Harvey Bullock is on the Penguin’s payroll and almost becomes a victim of Pyg. The Gotham PD and the Penguin goes their separate ways after Professor Pyg sets a trap for both of them. He is later captured by Gordon and escaped Arkham Asylum. 

Barbara Kean is resurrected by Ras Al Ghul who wants an ancient knife which Bruce purchased at an auction. Ras Al Ghul wants Bruce to use the knife on him to end his suffering. Bruce stabs Ras Al Ghul and her perishes. 

The Riddler is released from his icy prison only to lose his intelligence. Butch becomes Solomon Grundy and teams up with the Riddler. They compete in a ring in the Narrows until the Penguin sends Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina to retrieve the Riddler. Both Grundy and Tabitha fight for the Riddler until Firefly shows up to retrieve him. Leslie Thompkins stops Firefly and becomes the leader of the citizens in the Narrows. Scarecrow is born seeking revenge on all who made his life miserable including James Gordon. Poison Ivy enhances her powers and the Riddler returns in Edward Enigma's mind. 

The Penguin discovers Sofia made James Gordon the Captain of the GCPD so he can use the full might of police force to stop him. Sofia is kidnapped by Barbara Kean however both of them unite against the Penguin. Carmine Falcone arrives to take Sofia away but she has him assassinated so she can take over Gotham using Gordon and the GCPD. We also find out that Pyg was working with Sofia who she later kills. Penguin is imprisoned with his cellmate Jerome Valeska AKA the Joker. 

Poison Ivy infects Bruce Wayne for revenge on a secret Project M at Wayne Enterprises. She steals the Project M which is the Lazarus water from Ras Al Ghul. Poison Ivy is targeting Gothamites starting with the people who hurt her. She begins with the Wayne Foundation Dinner.

Jerome teases the Penguin in prison as the Riddler volunteers at Arkham Asylum to save Penguin. They team up against Sofia Falcone who wants to hurt James Gordon so she targets Lee Thompkins in the Narrow. She breaks Lee Thompkins hand and replaces her in the Narrows. James Gordon finds someone to link the Pyg to Sofia. However this leads into a confrontation between James, Sofia, and Lee which leaves Sofia in a coma shot by Thompkins. 

Jerome breaks out of Arkham Asylum with the Riddler, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, and Penguin in tow and teams up with Mr. Freeze and Firefly. He holds several city officials hostage until he gets his twin brother Jeremiah Valeska and Bruce Wayne. Jerome plans on distributing his laughing formula over Gotham City driving everyone mad. He finally gets his revenge on the city by exposing his brother to his formula making him into the Joker. 

Barbara Kean who was resurrected by Ra's Al Ghul now becomes the Demon Head and commands the League of Shadows. While another sect of the League of Shadows works against Barbara by kidnapping Tabitha. Ra's Al Ghul returns and takes back the Demon Head from Barbara who still commands the Sisterhood of the League of Shadows. 

Jeremiah as the Joker instructs his followers to unbury Jerome and wreaks havoc on Gotham. He sets off a bomb using the generator built with Wayne Enterprises' funding. Jeremiah steals the other generators from Wayne Enterprises to use on Gotham. He teams up with Ra's Al Ghul and destroys the bridges leading to Gotham. The villains divides Gotham into various sectors which they control. 

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Devil Comics Review | Arrow [2018] Season 6

Five months after the destruction of Lian Yu, Oliver Queen is outed as the Green Arrow as Black Siren attacks. Now Mayor Queen is being investigated by the FBI which is quickly dissolved when evidence arises that Queen is not he Green Arrow. Later Oliver asks John Diggle to become the Green Arrow. 

Black Siren murders three unrelated victims however the Arrow team discovers she is working with Cayden James the former leader of Helix. The Vigilante returns and he is revealed to be Black Canary's previous partner. Deathstroke asks Oliver Queen for help tracking down his son who was kidnapped from prison by the Jackals only to discover he is the boss. 

Oliver Queen is arrested by the FBI for being the Green Arrow while Black Siren attacks and steals for Cayden James. Oliver discovers someone within the team has betrayed him so he spies on his teammates as Quentin Lance is kidnapped by Black Siren. Wild Dog admits he is the one who betrayed the team. Oliver focuses on saving Lance and stopping Cayden James however the team falls apart. We discovered Cayden James has been spying on Oliver and his team along with his own teammates including Richard Dragon, Vigilante, Black Siren, and Anatoly Knyazev.

Oliver Queen discovers Cayden James has been spying on his team and has been backed up by two criminal organizations as well as the Vigilante and Black Siren. The Arrow Team unites against Cayden James’ campaign against Star City as the Vigilante reveals he is undercover. Mayor Queen pays the $10 million ransom to Cayden James so he will not destroy Star City. The Vigilante gives the Arrow Team the location of the bomb but he is made and tortured by Cayden James. The Black Siren kills the Vigilante while Cayden James gets away with the bomb. 

Cayden James is convinced Oliver killed his son Owen and threatens to destroy Star City. He asks Oliver to bring Richard Dragon, Anatoly Knyazev, and Black Siren to discover who killed his son Owen. However Black Siren escapes first releasing both Richard Dragon and Anatoly Knyazev. Oliver takes down Cayden James and save the city. Richard Dragon visits Cayden James in custody and reveals he killed Owen and plans to take over Star City before killing Cayden James. 

After the unexpected death of Cayden James, Mayor Oliver Queen needs to get the $70 million ransom back from Cayden James however his accounts are withdrawn and Star City will become bankrupt. The team searches for Black Siren so they can track down the ransom. Richard Dragon has taken over the city and sets his sights on the Mayor Oliver Queen. He gains a sit within a criminal organization the Quadrant. 

Oliver is captured after attempting to convince Anatoly to betray Richard Dragon. Anatoly gives Oliver to Richard Dragon who decides to hold him for trial and if he is convicted he will have a life sentence. The trial is held and Oliver is found guilty however the judge overturns the conviction. The judge was impersonated by Christopher Chance AKA the Human Target. Now Richard Dragon is targeting everyone Oliver loves. Now a desperate Oliver Queen confesses he is the Green Arrow to FBI Agent Watson. 

Both the FBI and the Arrow team joins forces against Richard "The Dragon" Diaz however he still escapes. In exchange for the FBI's help Oliver Queen agrees to surrender himself to a Supermax Prison and admits to the public he is the Green Arrow. 
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Riverdale [2018] Season 2

Following the first season where Jason Blossom's killer was revealed, Archie’s father Fred Andrews was shot at Pop's diner. The killer also strangled Archie's music teacher and shot two Riverdale High students. Archie goes on the offensive and forms the Red Circle consisting of his football teammates to stop the killer. 

The Black Hood contacts Betty Cooper whose speech to cleanse Riverdale motives him. He wants to target Betty's sister unless she gives him a name. Betty gives the name of the person who almost raped Cherry Blossom, Nick St. Clair. Archie and Betty have a final showdown with the Black Hood. 

Southside High closes down sending Jughead back to Riverdale High causing tensions within the school. Hiram has plans for the land underneath Southside High which brings in the FBI who contacts Archie for help in their investigation. Betty finds her long-lost brother Chic and discovers his dark secrets. The FBI Agent was a fake to test Archie's loyalty to Hiram. Chic and her mother are involved with a murder which Betty, Jughead, and his father cover up. 

The mayor race begins between Hermoine Lodge and Fred Andrews. The Black Hood returns killing a cast member in the Carrie Musical and his next target is Chic. Betty willing gives up Chic to the Black Hood as she suspects her father being him. Betty's father is the Black Hood however there is another one who attacked the debates between Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge as well as Archie at home. Hermione becomes Mayor of Riverdale as Archie is arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock who was shot by Hiram's hitman Andre 

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Devil Comics Review | Lucifer [2018] Season 3

After being kidnapped, Lucifer wakes up with his angel wings and loss of his devil’s face. He discovers the Sinnerman is behind his kidnapping. Lieutenant Marcus Pierce takes over the Lancaster Police Department. It is discovered after Sinnerman is killed that he is an accomplice for Marcus Pierce who is revealed to be Cain. Lucifer teams up with Cain against God by finding a way to murder Cain. 

Cain begins and affair with Chloe as Lucifer intervenes. Now Cain wants to remove Lucifer with the help of Maze who is still reeling from her betray by her friends Linda and Amenadiel. Charlotte discovers what happened to her missing time with the help of Lucifer and Amenadiel. After Cain falls in love with Chloe he loses his mark on his shoulder. Now he proposes to Chloe and she answers 'Yes' as Lucifer watches. Afterwards she rejects him and Cain wants his Mark back. 

Cain decides to kill God's favorite son Amenadiel however he misses and kills Charlotte Richards which returns Amenadiel's wings. He flies her to Heaven as the others search for killer. After discovering Marcus Pierce is the Sinnerman, they go after him and Chloe is shot as Lucifer uses his wings to save her. The final battle between Cain and Lucifer unravels leading to Cain going to Hell and Lucifer getting his Devil face back which Chloe sees for the first time. 

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