Thursday, June 10, 2010

SHIELD #2 [2010] by Jonathan Hickman

S.H.I.E.L.D. #2


The story tells the tale of many geniuses throughout time saving humanity and ultimately became members of the Brotherhood of the Shield. The events these Shield members set in motion will have an affect on our modern day heroes and the current incarnation of Shield.

The series promises to reveal how Imhotep became the first member of Shield by fighting back the Brood, Zhang Heng turns back a Celestial, Galileo defeated Galactus before the Fantastic Four, the secrets of Isaac Newton, and the reason for Leonardo Da Vinci traveling 400 years into the future. All these geniuses protected humanity and proclaimed that ‘This Is Not How The World Ends.’

We have been introduced to the Immortal City in Rome and the High Council of the Shield. In the 1950s, a man by the name of Leonid is told by the council that if he wishes to learn the final fate of man then he must join them. Three years has passed and his father by the name of the Night Machine takes him to his higher calling, which leads him to an encounter with Leonardo Da Vinci. In the meantime, Leonid’s father fights Shield Agents Stark and Richards, who happen to be the fathers of Tony Stark and Reed Richards.

During the encounter between Leonid and Leonardo Da Vinci, we learn that Leonardo is the architect of the Immortal City. As the High Council of the Shield promised Leonid to learn the final fate of man, Leonardo Da Vinci promises to show the council another belief one of an infinite human experience. Next issue cover shows how Galileo defeated the Fantastic Four.

The issue seems very cerebral and seems like it was written by the Riddler that the reader has to piece together however can only do so when all the issues are out. Would have been nice if there was more history Shield and the pacing was the same as the first issue which worked very well