Friday, June 11, 2010

Film Review: Rampage DVD [2010]

Have you ever thought about going totally apeshit and going on a killing spree?

From your parents who want you to be independent, the coffee shop that just can’t get your order correct, and the waitress that ruins your day - Rampage brings about the social pressures in society coming down on you. Eventually you have to vent out your frustration in a healthy manner. Rampage displays venting out your frustration with pure focused violence as a man gets revenge by wearing fully black body armor and painting the town red with blood.

Why didn’t the police stop him from continuing his killing spree? Well he took out the police station first. The most terrifying scene is the one that didn’t have any violence at all. Extremely graphic and realistic the movie really pumps your blood from one moment to the next. It builds up tension with every scene and brings a sigh of relief only to build it up again.

I never heard of the German director Uwe Boll before this movie. When I started mentioning his name people were telling me he is an awful director. I told them tell me that again after watching this movie. Uwe Boll wrote, directed, and edited his masterpiece. Canadian actor Brendan Fletcher does an amazing job portraying the serial killer. Michael Pare best know from his lead portray in Eddie and the Cruisers was a welcome addition to the film. One of the best films I have seen in 2010.