Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Action Comics #891 [2010]

“Call me the Anti-Bob Marley”
This comic was heavily promoted by DC attaching sample pages behind their other monthly series. The story begins with Lex Luthor tracking down the vestiges of power he tasted during Blackest Night. Last issue ended with the confrontation with the telepathic alien caterpillar Mr. Mind, the villain from the weekly DC maxi-series 52.

Mr. Mind probes Luthor by distracting him with fantasies however he is much clever to be deceived within a dream sequence. Luthor punches Mr. Mind in the dream and asks him who is behind this since Mr. Mind has no reason for the mental attack. After defeating him, Luthor decides its best to work with a team and calls in the assassin Deathstroke.UK writer Paul Cornell does it again by identifying with the psychology of Lex Luthor.

The issue explores how Lex Luthor actions are defined by his way of thinking. The characters that Cornell brings to this story really capture the mystery of who is behind the recent attacks while Luthor searches for the power he tasted in the Blackest Night. Artist Peter Woods does an amazing job by giving us fine lines and captures Lex Luthor in his simplest form.