Thursday, July 15, 2010

Film Review: Batman Under the Red Hood DVD [2010]

The story idea of the Red Hood started when Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee took over the monthly Batman series back in 2002. Batman learns that someone from his past has used the Lazarus Pits. The former Robin sidekick Jason Todd appears however it was apparent that Clayface was mimicking him. Unanswered questions arose when the whereabouts of Jason’s body was not in his grave. However comic writer Judd Winick took that idea and ran with it under his story arc called Under the Hoodwhich was within the regular monthly Batman series in 2005. After five years his story has been adapted into a Direct-to-DVD animated movie called Batman: Under the Red Hood.

I wondered how a story that could be so convoluted be translated into a movie without involving all characters and references from Death in the Family, Hush, and Infinite Crisis. Judd Winick is the master writer by giving us what is really needed and bringing out a story of the rise and fall of Jason Todd.

Great casting and voices within this movie involving DC characters such as Ra’s al Ghul, Amazo, Nightwing, Black Mask, and the Joker. As a fan of the hit TV Supernatural series I was really looking forward to Jensen Ackles providing the voice of Jason Todd/Red Hood. The movie amazed me when one of the action scenes involved a falling helicopter over the nightlife of Gotham city.
Batman: Under the Red Hood is dark, violent, and definitely worth it on DVD!