Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Ultimates #3 [2010] by Mark Millar

Eight months after the events in Ultimatum, the Defenders launch a surprise attack on the Ultimates and take Thor’s hammer: Mjolnir. Meanwhile in Valhalla, Thor confronts Hela the Mistress of the Damned and the sole ruler of Valhalla who wants an heir to the throne. Thor submits and gives her an heir for his safe passage to Earth however someone has to take his place.

In Central Park, the Ka-Zar, Shanna, and the Black Panther face off against Loki and his minions from Asgard. They are later joined by the other Ultimates. However Amora the Enchantress secretly tempts Zarda, Valkyrie, and Colonel Carol Danvers to join her. United they successfully defeat the Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Captain America.

We witness the brief origin of Valkyrie Mistress of Pegasus, while Ka-Zar, Shanna, and the Black Panther rescue the Ultimates with help from Colonel Carol Danvers. Loki arrives with Thor’s hammer indicating that he is in league with the Defenders and the Ultimates regroup for a counterattack. Valkyrie dies fighting Loki and taking Thor’s place in Valhalla as Thor returns to Earth.

Writer Jeph Loeb writes a story that is much better than Mark Millar’s run on the Ultimate Avengers. However having Valkyrie die in Ultimatum, bringing her back, and having her die again seems redundant for the overall storyline. Artist Frank Cho highlights the women in this issue as he has done with his Liberty Meadows series. Overall an average story with above average artwork.