Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Batman #702 [2010] by Grant Morrison

This two-part issue bridges the gap between Batman R.I.P and Final Crisis. Bruce Wayne is swimming under Gotham Harbor following the battle with the Black Glove and Doctor Hurt. Giving us a summary of what has happened such as being poisoned, deceived, buried alive, and surviving every minute of his life. Alfred reminds him that the Black Glove has put him in an elaborate trap and Bruce got out.

The finale of this missing two-part tale brings Batman into Final Crisis and his confrontation with Darkseid using the bullet that killed Orion. Batman understands that the Omega Sanction puts him into the ultimate “life trap.” We are given a panel from Neil Gaiman’s Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? as an example of the trap that Batman has been put into. Bruce is taken back into time however has left clues to the Time Masters to search for him.

Grant Morrison has done an excellent job of putting the pieces together and linking his Batman R.I.P story with both Neil Gaiman’s Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?, and Dan Jurgen’s Time Masters: Vanishing Point. He truly respects the work of other writers and incorporates their works into his own as a sense of homage and respect. Artist Tony Daniel has come a long way from his Spawn days with Image Comics. He has truly become an artist to be admired in the 21st century.

During the San Diego Comic-Con Grant Morrison told us the Batman of Zur-en-Arrh was what happened when Bruce was less in control. This November Morrison’s team-up book Batman Inc. will have him more in control as Bruce Wayne returns to the present day. Morrison has definite plans for Batman beyond his “death” and return. Looking forward and awaiting patiently for his pieces to come together as his arc reminds me of the late LOST series.