Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Incredible Hulk #611 [2010] by Greg Pak


The finale of the World War Hulks is upon us and after Bruce Banner defeated the Intelligencia while the Hulk is reborn. Banner realizes that the Hulked-Out Heroes will ‘burn out’ and the only way to save them will be transferring the energy into him. Banner reveals to the recently released heroes Beast, Mister Fantastic, Black Panther, and Henry Pym that he has manipulated them so his plan to defeat the Intelligencia can succeed however one obstacle remains: The Hulk.

Banner tells them to focus on protecting the innocent civilians while he has prepared for his son Skaar to take him down. Skaar uses his Old Power to defeat Hulk however Hulk stops the attack against Skaar. He uses reverse-psychology to draw the Hulk into battle. He tells Hulk that his wife Caiera survived in the stones of the planet due to her Old Power until the planet was destroyed by Galactus.

We are given a glimpse of Banner remembering his father beating his mother and how that anger is projected with Skaar destroying the planet and Caiera. A raging Hulk is drawn into battle with his son. Skaar realizes that Banner trained him to go up against the Juggernaut and Daken to make sure he has the will to kill the Hulk. The Red She-Hulk intervenes however Skaar pushes her away into a side of a building. The building is going to collapse until Hulk realizes that the people inside need saving. He saves them and beats Skaar to a pulp until he reverts back into a little boy.

Awesome issue to one of the two finales of World War Hulks as writer Greg Pak packs a punch by mirroring Banner’s relationship with his father Brian Banner and his current relationship with his son Skaar. Pak brought closure to the conflict between Hulk and Skaar and now the healing between Banner and his son can begin. The execution to the World War Hulks was not perfect however the outcome is becoming cemented into the Hulk mythos.