Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Superman #702 [2010] J. Michael Straczynski


J. Michael Straczynski begins with Superman traveling from Metropolis to Philadelphia and speaking and helping out everyday ordinary American citizens along the way. From helping out someone with a broken vehicle, bartering for food, dealing with drug pushers, and finally listening to someone whose life is falling apart, Straczynski brings Superman to face issues that need to be addressed.

While walking through Detroit, Superman helps a teenager regain his self-esteem however the majority of the issue deals with an alien refugee race seeking asylum on Earth and the unemployment issue with the loss of the auto industry.

Straczynski promised to explore the issues facing Americans today however I was unaware that included aliens solving an economic issue. Overall it was an enjoyable issue regardless of the fact that it really didn’t explore or teach us anything except that two ideas could be put together to become a creative solution.

The issue ends with a cameo of Batman watching Superman from a distance. During the San Diego Comic-Con, Straczynski states that the Dark Knight believes Superman is having "a mental breakdown.” I’m looking forward to that confrontation.