Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #645 [2010] by Mark Waid

Doctor Octopus assembles a variety of villains to retrieve the child of Norman Osborn and Lily Hollister AKA Menace. Spider-Man rescues the child with an army of villains following him with no where to hide as everything is caught on camera. Meanwhile Tombstone retrieves the Shocker and follows Carlie Cooper.

Spider-Man finally gets a break and hands off the baby to Harry Osborn. Moments later Harry informs him that the child has died and an enraged Spider-Man swings off to make the villains pay. However Spider-Man is unaware that the Chameleon was dressed as Harry Osborn. Spider-Man tracks down everyone responsible for the attack on him and the baby. He finally tracks down the Chameleon who reveals that the baby was taken by the Lizard.

Mark Waid adds more characters together and showcases his strengths when Spider-Man is pushed to the brink. The highlight of the issue is when Spider-Man torn a building in half to take down the Enforcers, Shocker, and the Sandman. Waid presents Spider-Man at the end of his rope after the events of Gauntlet, Grim Hunt, and One Moment In Time. Waid closes the Brand New Day era of Spider-Man with a terrific send off before Big Time begins in November.