Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #3 [2010]

Guy Gardner with both Kilowog and Arisia in tow head towards the Planet Odym to rid himself of the residual effects of the Red Lanterns. Red Lantern Bleez arrives and battles all three Green Lanterns before Blue Lantern Warth stops the conflict. She reveals that Guy Gardner must not be cleansed of the Red energies inside of him because he needs both the Will and Rage to face the upcoming conflict.

On Daxam Green Lantern Sodam Yat wakes up to find a group of loyal Daxamites hiding him from his father. Yat is wanted for returning to Daxam and depowering the population. Meanwhile on the Planet Karlok within the Unknown Sectors, the villain who has been stealing the entities of the various Lantern Corps speaks to Zardor who has kidnapped multiple telepaths to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

Peter Tomasi really pushes the envelope with this issue as the plot is pushed forward towards an unknown conflict. During the New York Comic-Con Geoff Johns has hinted there will be the War of the Green Lanterns resulting from the fallout between Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner. The crossover will be much like the Sinestro Corps War rather than an event like Blackest Night in 2011. Johns is saving the next event for his Flash character called Flashpoint a five-issue series beginning in 2011.