Wednesday, October 13, 2010

X-Men #4 [2010] Curse of the Mutants

X-MEN #4

Xarus is now the ruler of the Vampire Nations after assassinating his father Dracula. Now he plans to strengthen his race by adding mutants to the gene pool. Xarus coveted Wolverine and now has him on his side with the help of Jubilee. After invading the city of San Francisco Xarus is ready to launch the final attack towards the mutant island of Utopia.

The X-Men have their hands full of vampires in the city of San Francisco. Blade is frustrated that Cyclops resurrected Dracula with no pay-off. Cyclops has a chat with Xarus as well as Wolverine who is now a vampire. The battle lines are drawn as both sides are ready for the confrontation which will be bloodly and deadly.

Victor Gischler pushes up the intensity with this issue as he builds towards the confrontation between the mutants and the vampires. The artwork by Paco Medina is awesome as he draws decapitated vampire heads with blood-pumping action sequences. The Curse of the Mutants story has really built up after issue one and the Death of Dracula one-shot. Extremely impressed with the storytelling within this series after the flat conclusion within Second Coming.