Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Action Comics #895 [2010]


Lex Luthor has tracked down the black spheres while Vandal Savage waits for him since he has two of the black spheres. Luthor plans on changing the black spheres. Vandal Savage waits for him from 1358 Europe to the events of Salvation Run as the super-villains are trapped on an unknown planet and trying to get back to Earth. He also wants the location of the black spheres as well as and traps Luthor and his employees within his building. Luthor secretly summons the help of the Secret Six who is led by the daughter of Vandal Savage, Scandal Savage.

The back-up story with Jimmy Olsen by Nick Spencer and artist RB Silva create a compelling tale of aliens that will destroy the planet when they party. Now Jimmy has to make sure they are bored enough to leave. After saving the world Lois Lane prepares Jimmy to get a new girlfriend. Two stories really make this book worth while for a $3.99 book.