Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Batman and Robin #16 [2010] by Grant Morrison

Why does this cover look like a movie poster for the Human Centipede? Bruce Wayne returns as Batman battling Dr. Hurt again from Batman R.I.P. The rematch includes 99 fiends however Bruce fights along Richard Grayson and his son Damien. After the battle Bruce rescues Alfred and Dr. Hurt faces the Joker who buries him alive. Bruce makes a public announcement that Wayne Enterprises has been secretly financing Batman for years and now Batman’s war against crime goes global.

The issue connects the Batman and Robin with The Return of Bruce Wayne leading into Batman, Inc. Besides the various artists that butchered this well written issue, Grant Morrison has the set the stage for his next Batman epic. Morrison rolls with the punches without spoiling ending of how Bruce returns without destroying the 21st century which will be revealed within the much-delayed final issue of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. Thisissue also revealed what R.I.P stood for in Batman:R.I.P when Grant Morrison began his Bruce Wayne story: Rot In Purgatory.