Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Red Hulk: Scorched Earth TPB [2010-2011] by Jeff Parker

Super-Soldier Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner ask former General “Thunderbolt” Ross for help stopping the endgame protocols set in motion by M.O.D.O.K and the Leader called Scorched Earth. This story is fun and unpredictable such as the Bruce Banner creating a hologram of Galactus to stop the fight between Thor and Red Hulk. Thor hammered the Red Hulk on purpose however he pretended it was a miscommunication. Everyone is getting a little payback against the Red Hulk including Iron Man, Thor, and Uatu the Watcher. The story is meant as the redemption arc for the Red Hulk as he joins the Avengers and continues with his own series.

- Iron Man gives Red Hulk a run for his money
- Thor hammers the Red Hulk on purpose
- “Galactus” stops the brawl between Thor and Red Hulk
- Uatu the Watcher watches the Red Hulk being pulled into a black hole’s event horizon
- Namor gives the Red Hulk a beating after he stops the underwater threat
- Rick Jones as A-Bomb deals with a sea monster off the coast of San Diego
- Banner deals with both the Leader and M.O.D.O.K in their human forms
- The Red Hulk assists Rick Jones as A-Bomb who realizes that he is former General Ross
- Red Hulk and Green Hulk team-up to stop Scorched Earth
- The supercomputer behind Scorched Earth is organic brains of M.O.D.O.K
- Scorched Earth was a mere distraction for the creation of M.O.D.O.K Superior
- Woodgod arrives on Earth and mistakes Red Hulk for the Green Hulk
- Impossible Man broadcasts the battle between Xemnu the Original Hulk and Hulk
- Impossible Man combines both Banner and Ross Hulks to form the Compound Hulk
- Xemnu genetically engineered a Supreme Grey Hulk to fight the Compound Hulk

- Uatu is missing from his post on Earth and the Watchers think he is in the multiverse (What If?)
- The Watchers believe is behavior is the result of the Red Hulk sensing and punching him
- The Watcher Uravo finds Uatu within the Red Hole of Dargalla
- The Red Hole of Dargalla pulls in life forces to create the living weapon Omegex
- The Omegex detects the life force that touched the Watcher Uatu – The Red Hulk

This trade paperback collects
Hulk #25-30