Wednesday, November 17, 2010

X-Men #5 [2010] Curse of the Mutants

X-MEN #5

Xarus assembles the vampire nation to attack Utopia so the mutants will be added to their ranks. With a vampire Wolverine on his side he knows he has an advantage. Cyclops prepares for attack by having his tough-skinned X-Men on the forefront of the island as well as his ace in the hole. The battle begins with Xarus bringing out Wolverine to establish a beach-head on Utopia. Cyclops reveals that he used nanobots to disable Wolverine’s healing factor at the DNA level and now he has turn them off to rid Wolverine of the vampire virus flowing within his bloodstream. The battle is turned and the vampire nation runs and Xarus face his resurrected father: Dracula. Not as predictable as I thought so I am very impressed with writer Victor Gischler. Paco Medina have given us our money’s worth of art presenting multiple panels of various situations of each and every character. Looking forward to the conclusion of the Curse of the Mutants arc next month.