Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Artifacts #4 [2010] by Ron Marz

Two sides are formed as the 13 Artifacts are slowly coming together for the ultimate battle within the Top Cow Universe. One side currently consists of the Witchblade, Darkness, Angelus, and Tom Judge. While the other side of artifact bearers is assembled by the cyborg assassin Aphrodite IV consisting Alina Enstrom, Sabine, the Demon Mali, Glorianna Silver, as well as Ian Nottingham who seized his Blood Sword away from Michael Finnegan.

Following the events of Witchblade #139, both Sara and Jackie search for their missing daughter Hope. First they find another artifact bearer Necromancer, Abby Van Alstine, who can speak with the dead. Meanwhile the church sends Magdalena to investigate the deaths of 3 priests who she believes was committed by Tom Judge. Sara, Jackie, and Abby arrive just in time to stop the escalating conflict between the trio of Magdalena, Tom Judge, and Angelus. Everything hinges on the thirteen bearer and the side that he/she will chose so they travel to see the curator to find answers however someone has gotten to him. The back-up story tells the origin of the Blood Stone by Artifacts writer Ron Marz and artist Whilce Portacio. Act I has ended as the sides are chosen and the mystery deepens as we head into Act II of Artifacts.