Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brightest Day #16 [2010]

The Brightest Day maxi-series follows 12 resurrected characters from the Blackest Night event. The entity within the White Lantern reveals that it is dying and a replacement must be chosen and each of the 12 have returned to protect Earth until the arrival of its new protector.
Series co-writer Geoff Johns explains that this series is about second chances and some will work out while others will not. The various subplots within Brightest Day will intertwine with one another and present an overall comprehensive story. During the San Diego Comic-Con, Johns announced there will be a White Lantern oath introduced within Brightest Day and added “when the White Ring creates a construct, it’s there forever.”

Aquaman is trying to struggle why he is telepathically linked to only dead sea life. He is consoled by his wife Mera who is also worried about the revelation that he controls them. Aquaman’s return has also instigated the return of his archnemesis, Black Manta.

Aquaman and Mera travel to the Bermuda Triangle to plug a leak on one of the offshore oil rigs. One of the Secret Society of Super Villains Siren attacks and Aquaman and Mera retreats. Mera later reveals that she was sent from her world to kill Aquaman. Mera describes her underworld as a penal colony called Xebel. Formed when a group of separatists was banished from one of the civil wars of Atlantis in the Bermuda Triangle. When an opening occurred her father asked Mera to kill the king of Atlantis however she fell in love with Arthur Curry. Now Siren the younger sister of Mera leads the Xebel soldiers.

The White Lantern reveals to Aquaman to find the new Aqualad who happens to be Black Manta’s son. After finding Aqualad, Aquaman convinces him to stop Mera’a people from escaping from the Bermuda Triangle.

Both Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch are separated from the Firestorm matrix. Professor Stein tells Ronnie that it is imperative that both Ronnie and Jason do not combine to form Firestorm due to the impending explosions that will result. We also learn that there is a third entity within the Firestorm matrix. The third entity is the Black Lantern Firestorm now calling himself Deathstorm.
Firestorm finds help with the Justice League while Deathstorm having both the Ronnie Raymond’s father and Professor Stein as hosts takes the White Lantern for a delivery to his master.