Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fantastic Four #587 [2011] by Jonathan Hickman

Series writer Jonathan Hickman finishes his Act One on the Fantastic Four with the death of a major character. Reed Richards is saving as many people on Nu-World as possible before the planet is consumed by Galactus. Susan Storm is with Namor dealing with the Old Kings of Atlantis. Back at the Baxter Building Johnny Storm and a powerless Ben as well as the kids of the Future Foundation are overwhelmed by insect soldiers of Annihilus breaching through the Negative Zone portal.

On Nu-World the consciousness of everyone on the planet is absorbed with Natalie X – Mother X – The Worldmind so Reed simply needs to get the Mother X off-planet before Galactus destroys it. Reed teleports home with Mother X.

Off the Gulf of Thailand after Namor killed the Old King of Atlantis his children names Susan Storm their new queen. Susan forces Namor to honor the treaty that has been set forth previously then heads back home.

A second annihilation wave approaches as Val and the Future Foundation kids figure out how to close the portal. Meanwhile Johnny, Ben, and Franklin fight off hordes of insects. Val figures someone has to stay on the other side to destroy the portal.

Hickman took the Human Torch off the team because he represented child-like idealism. Now with him gone the world is darker while continued stories of the remaining survivors will respond of how to overcome the darkness. Both Jonathan Hickman and artist Steve Epting are beginning a new series in March 2011 called FF. The series will likely cultivate with the 12th issue being either Fantastic Four #600 or Future Foundation #600.