Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Superman: Return of Doomsday TPB [2011]

Following his fall from Superman: New Krypton, Doomsday has been under the mysterious agency run by General Sam Lane. General Lane asked Luthor to improve on the creature after his battle on the moon with Superman and the Kandorians. Doomsday’s hatred of Kryptonians came from his forced evolution on Krypton. Now the Kryptonian killing machine Doomsday returns to Earth craving a new path of destruction throughout the DC Universe starting with John Henry Irons AKA Steel. Doomsday is working his way through the Superman replacements introduced within the Reign of Supermen arc from Steel, Eradicator, Cyborg Superman, and Superboy.

- Doomsday has gained new powers of flight and grows an exoskeleton armor
- Steel falls before Doomsday as the events of Death of Superman repeats itself
- The Outsiders and the Eradicator face-off against Doomsday and lose
- Doomsday take on Justice League as Blue Lantern Saint Walker arrives to help
- Supergirl, Batman, and Boodikka are transported to the Justice League Satellite
- Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns ended with Boodikka hosting the Cyborg-Superman
- The Cyborg-Superman turns the JLA Satellite Headquarters into his personal arsenal
- Cyborg-Superman blasts Doomsday tearing him apart but he regenerates into Cyborg-Doomsday
- The Cyborg-Doomsday defeats both the Cyborg-Superman and Supergirl before teleporting away
- Doomsday exhibits tactile telekinesis powers similar to Superboy
- After defeating Superboy, Doomsday takes him onboard a spacecraft
- Steel, Superboy, Supergirl, Eradictor, and the Cyborg-Superman face Doomsday
- Superman arrives only to discover Doomsday imprisoned on the cloaked ship
- The Cyborg-Superman reveals each of the battles fought were different Doomsdays

This trade paperback collects
Steel #1
Outsiders #37
Justice League of America #55
Superman/Batman Annual #5
Superboy #6 Action Comics #900