Monday, March 31, 2014

TV Review: How I Met Your Mother [2005-2014]

The series is a flashback story told by Ted Mosby in the year 2030 as he recounts to his son and daughter of how he met their mother. Ted searches for his woman of his dreams in New York City with the help of his friends. The CBS series premiered on September 19, 2005.

Jason Segel
Cobie Smulders
Neil Patrick Harris
Alyson Hannigan
Josh Radnor

Bob Saget

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
Morena Baccarin (Firefly, V)
Enrique Iglesias
Kaylee Anne Defer
Rachel Bilson (Jumper)
Wayne Brady Maury Povich
Will Forte (SNL)
Kyle MacLachlan (Dune, Twin Peaks, Sex and the City)
Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls)
Jorge Garcia (Lost)
Katy Perry
John Lithgow (Footloose)
Enrique Iglesias
Mandy Moore
Lindsay Price
John Cho
Britney Spears

01 – Ted meets Robin for the first time at the neighborhood bar as Marshall proposes to Lily
02 – Learning Robin wants a casual relationship, Ted throws three parties hoping she will arrive
03 – Ted and Barney follow unavailable women to Philadelphia and end up licking the Liberty Bell
04 – Ted reconnects with an ex after breaking up with her on answering machine on her birthday
05 – Robin invites both Ted and Barney into an exclusive club while Marshall and Lilly play adults
06 – Ted makes his yearly pilgrimage to the rooftop Halloween party searching for a pumpkin girl
07 – A matchmaker with a 100% success rate cannot help Ted who tries to prove her wrong
08 – Both Ted and Marshall sword fight to determine who gets the apartment after Lily moves in
09 – Lily meets her in-laws on Thanksgiving as Ted and Robin volunteer at a homeless shelter
10 – Ted recounts his partying rampage when he wakes to a pineapple and an unknown woman
11 – Ted rents a limo for his friends on New Year’s Eve in a quest to find the perfect celebration
12 – Ted invites Robin to be his plus one at a friend’s wedding who called theirs off
13 – Ted meets Victoria at a wedding who want a night to remember without names and numbers
14 – Barney and Robin bond, Marshall and Lily celebrate their anniversary in the bathroom
15 – The origin of Barney is revealed after everyone shares an embarrassing moment
16 – Marshall and Lily set out their wedding outfits as Victoria leaves for Germany
17 – Ted figures out his long-distance relationship with Victoria and Marshall figures out his career
18 – Robin invites Ted to her apartment at 2am and Ted lies to her about breakup with Victoria
19 – Ted brings a date to Robin’s award banquet show after he sees Robin bringing her co-worker
20 – Lily, Robin, and Barney sneak into a high school prom to scout a band for Marshall’s wedding
21 - A matchmaking company finds Ted his soul mate while Lily has cold feet for the wedding
22 – Season Finale: Ted makes his last attempt on Robin while Marshall and Lily split

01 – Ted and Robin hooked up while Marshall finds Lily’s credit card bills leading to a NYC hotel
02 – Lilly returns from San Francisco as Barney takes Marshall as his wingman
03 – Ted’s parents visit NYC for your anniversary where his parents are divorced
04 – Ted hits on hitting on girls by telling them he is an architect as Robin follows him
05 – Lily temporary moves into Barney’s apartment as Marshall has a bromance
06 – Lily steals a baseball from Ted’s boss while Barry goes after Marshall’s law professor
07 – Marshall has a date for the first time after Lily as Barney gets the nickname Swarley
08 – Marshall and Lily drag the gang to Atlantic City to elope however need a marriage license
09 – Robin has a secret of being afraid of going to malls as both Ted and Marshall have a slap bet
10 – Barney’s brother James reveals he has a fiancé Tom and asks Barney to be his best man
11 – Lily steals Christmas decorations because of Ted while Robin takes care of Barney
12 – Robin has a hard time saying ‘I Love You’ as her sister comes for a visit to lose her virginity
13 – Ted attempts to fire his former boss as Barney asks Lily to paint him in the nude
14 – After missing the Super Bowl, the group is determined to watch it a day after
15 – Ted misses his flight for his interview in Chicago so Robin and him flashback to find out why
16 – Ted and Robin get rid of their items from their former relationships
17 – The gang reminisces about memories they shared within Marshall’s car the Fiero
18 – Barney takes measures to prevent Ted from moving into Robin’s apartment
19 – Robin brings dildos to Lily’s bachelorette party while Barney arranges a stripper for Marshall
20 – Lily and Marshall live apart before the wedding as Barney prepares to go on the Price is Right
21 – Everything is going wrong for Marshall and Lily’s wedding day and Barney tries to fix it
22 – Season Finale: Ted and Robin break up during Marshall and Lily’s wedding reception

01 – Robin returns from Argentina with a boyfriend while Ted plans on getting a tattoo
02 – Ted and Barney pretend to be visitors to New York City to pick up women
03 – Two women are completing for Ted’s affection and he has the opportunity to sleep with both
04 – Barney and Ted compete for the same girl as Robin pretends to like her new boyfriend’s son
05 – The gang reveals how they met one another to Ted’s new girlfriend who he met on World of Warcraft
06 – Ted discovers a pornstar who uses his name while Lily admits to Robin she is a shopaholic
07 – Marshall finds out his wife Lily has credit card debt and cannot afford to buy an apartment
08 – The gang reveals to Ted his new girlfriend’s flaw while Marshall awaits his bar exam results
09 – Ted sleeps with Robin again the day before Thanksgiving
10 – The gang joins a gym and Barney finds out he wasn’t good when he lost his virginity
11 – Ted wants to date his tattoo removal specialist as the gang talks him out of it
12 – Ted discovers the worst parts of himself on St. Patrick’s Day
13 – Ted convinces his tattoo removal specialist Stella to date him after 10 weeks
14 – Someone is targeting Barney and he tries to track down who she is
15 – Ted gets a car in New York City as Marshall gets fired from his law firm
16 – Robin meets her old flame who dumps her again and Barney falls for Robin
17 – Ted celebrates his 30th birthday and finds out about Robin and Barney
18 – Barney finds a new wing man while Ted and Stella prepare to sleep together
19 – Barney finds out who is targeting him: Stella’s Secretary Abbey
20 – Season Finale: Ted and Barney make up as Ted proposes to Stella

01 – Stella says ‘Yes’ to Ted’s proposal while Barney is in love with Robin
02 – Marshall finds the best tasting burger in New York
03 – Ted agrees to move to New Jersey to stay with Stella and Robin moves to Japan
04 – The group was planning an intervention for Ted to stop seeing Stella
05 – Ted invites Stella’s ex-husband to their wedding and gets left at the altar
06 – Ted finally confronts Stella leading him to let go his anger
07 – Lily is ready to have baby revealing the others to want one too
08 – Robin and Lily hang out with other ‘Woo’ girls and Barney chooses Fen instead of Ted
09 – The gang practices the Naked Man which works 2 out of 3 times
10 – Ted and Barney get into a fight in the alley way with a bartender
11 – Ted’s sister Heather comes to town for Christmas and teach Ted a lesson
12 – Robin and Ted have sex to deal with their roommate issues which hurts Barney
13 – Ted and Barney run a bar during a snowstorm and Marshall picks up Lily at the airport
14 – Robin must become an American citizen or get a job otherwise she is deported
15 – Barney hired actors to portray his family to make her mom believe she is settled
16 – Marshall forgot his pants to work and Karen cheats on her boyfriend with Ted
17 – Ted dates his high school girlfriend Karen and Lily tries to break them up
18 – Ted’s building is dead and he gets fired so he starts his own firm
19 – Barney is banned for life from Laser Tag and Lily gives Marshall daddy practice
20 – Ted hires an assistant who has been sleeping with Robin
21 – Ted texts the girl he likes but it was Barney and Marshall behind it all
22 – Ted finally meets up with Stella and Tony after 7 months
23 – Tony offers Ted a teaching position at Colombia University
24 – Season Finale: Robin and Barney start dating while Ted starts teaching

01 – The gang finds out Barney and Robin are boyfriend and girlfriend
02 – Ted has a blind date with the same person 7 years ago
03 – Ted gives Barney classes on how to understand Robin
04 – Marshall and Lily double date with Barney and Robin
05 – Ted wants some alone time with Marshall like the ones in college
06 – Barney and Robin avoid fighting by having sex
07 – Barney and Robin break up
08 – Barney uses his The Playbook to get his woman
09 – Marshall invites Lily’s father for Thanksgiving causing tensions
10 – Ted gets in the ‘window’ with Maggie who ends up with her true love
11 – The gang finally gives up smoking cigarettes
12 – Ted dates his wife’s roommate while teaching at the university
13 – Marshall hides that fact that Jenkins is a woman from his wife Lily
14 – Barney is trying to sleep with seven women in seven nights
15 – Barney displays his number on live TV to attract girls
16 – The gang keeps various people on the hook then lets them go
17 – Barney gives Robin the perfect date between her and Don
18 – Lily wants the perfect birthday picture by kicking Ted’s girls out
19 – Marshall gets mugged by a monkey and goes on live TV
20 – Ted buys a run down house which later becomes his home
21 – Robin moves in with Don and Marshall and Lilly get separate beds
22 – The gang begins their annual event of Robot Vs. Wrestlers
23 – Ted finally he realizes he has baggage from Stella and Tony
24 – Season Finale: Marshall and Lilly are ready to have a baby

01 – Ted runs into Cindy whose roommate is his future wife
02 – Barney and his older James find a letter addressed to one of their fathers
03 – Barney tries to convince Ted to take the GNB job using tricks used on women
04 – The gang races to a restaurant downtown to see which route of theirs is faster
05 – Ted is hiding from Zoey that he will be designing the new GNB headquarters
06 – Robin can’t stand her co-anchor Zoey who acts like child
07 – Zoey signs up for Ted’s class and rallies them against Ted and GNB
08 – Ted is introduced to Zoey’s husband at the Natural History Museum
09 – The gang finds out why Robin and her former co-star Jessica do not talk
10 – Marshall’s bad-luck friend Blitz passes his curse to Ted
11 – Ted hangs out with the Captain so he doesn’t feel weird being with Zoey alone
12 – A false pregnancy between Marshall and Lily cause the gang to self-reflect
13 – Marshall and Lily see a fertility specialist who looks like Barney
14 – The gang heads to Minnesota after Marshall’s father passed away and hears his last words
15 – Ted is fixed up with Zoey’s cousin leading him to realize his true feelings for Zoey
16 – Barney takes advantage of “Desperation Day” on February 13th and meets Nora
17 – Ted faces Zoey’s ex-husband while Robin convinces Barney to admit his feelings for Nora
18 – Barney is frightened by his feelings for Nora and sabotages his relationship with her
19 – Barney meets his father however is shocked by the differences between them
20 – Marshall resigns from GNB as Ted and Zoey have conflicting views about the Aracdian’s future
21 – Jerry tries to impress his son Barney while Robin reunites with her secret crush
22 – Zoey hires Marshall to save the Arcadian as Ted tries to convince Zoey to tear it down
23 - Zoey secretly tapes Ted declaring the Arcadian a landmark but Lily has a plan
24 – Season Finale: Lily is pregnant, Robin wants Barney back, Ted is Barney’s best man

01 – Ted needs to give a toast at Punchie’s wedding
02 – Marshall is trying to erase a Youtube video of him from college
03 – Barney loses a bet and needs to wear a ducky tie for one year
04 – Robin sees a therapist and tries to get Barney back from Nora
05 – Ted takes his class on a tour while Robin dates her therapist
06 – Robin and Barney do Google searches for Ted’s first dates
07 – Barney’s brother James reveals Nora is like their mother
08 – Barney discovers he is one quarter Canadian and Ted finds the slutty pumpkin
09 – The gang stays in the city during hurricane Irene as Barney and Robin hook up
10 – Barney breaks up with Nora however Robin did not break up with Kevin
11 – Marshall and Lily decide on whether to move into their new home
12 – Robin discovers she can never become pregnant
13 – Marshall sends New Year’s at his father’s grave
14 – Barney becomes the new leader of the group after Marshall and Lily move
15 – Marshall and Lily throw a house warming party as insanity ensues in 5 minutes
16 – Kevin proposes to Robin while they join Marshall and Lily for Valentine’s weekend
17 – Robin tells Ted that he doesn’t love him so Marshall asks her to move out
18 – Barry discovers Quinn is a stripper while Robin is held hostage by Marshall and Lily
19 – The gang meets Quinn while Robin and Ted fight over an apartment
20 – Ted, Marshall, and Barney relive every 3 years of their lives since 2000
21 – Robin lands a helicopter while Barney distracts himself from Quinn
22 – Ted tries online dating to forgot about Robin but sees her everywhere
23 – Lily is getting ready to deliver while Marshall and Barney are in Atlantic City
24 – Season Finale: Barney gets engaged while Ted and Victoria run off together

01 – Ted discovers Klaus was leaving Victoria at the altar as well
02 – Both Barney and Quinn decide to break-up
03 – Marshall and Lily is trying to find a nanny however settles on their Lily’s father
04 – Marshall and Lily decide to name Ted, Robin, and Barney as Godparents
05 – Barney gets a dog and Ted proposes to Victoria who wants Ted never to see Robin
06 – Robin breaks up with Nick with the help of Barney
07 – Marshall tries to help a friend get a job at his law firm but it backfires
08 – Marshall has the trial of his career and wins then decides to become a judge
09 – Robin attempts to sleep with Barney to get him out of her system
10 – Robin tries to break up Barney and Patrice while Marshall’s mother is dating Lily’s dad
11 – Robin comes to terms with Patrice and Barney is ready to propose to her
12 – Ted decides to tell Robin about Barney proposing to Patrice
13 – Robin discovers her father is married while a band is hired for her wedding
14 – Ted is dating someone under 21 who happens to be Barney’s half-sister
15 – Ted has a stalker Jeanette while Barney tries to find who Robin was stalking
16 – Ted breaks up with Jeanette and she locks herself in his apartment
17 – The Captain wants to talk to Ted who wants Lily to be his art consultant
18 – Barney gives Ted the Playbook and Marshall brings a bag of Skittles to an art exhibit
19 – Barney and Robin decide on where to stay after they are married
20 – Barney tries to convince Ted to go to Robots Vs. Wrestlers Legends
21 – Ted’s girl from yoga class is Robin’s wedding planner and the Captain wants Lily to move to Rome
22 – Ted and Marshall take Barney to his surprise bachelor party and lose $80,000
23 – Ted helps Marshall and Lily pack for Italy while Barney bonds with Robin’s dad
24 – Season Finale: Ted is planning on moving to Chicago and Marshall becomes a judge

01 – Lily meets Ted’s wife for the first time as the gang head towards Farhampton
02 – Marshall shares a ride and Barney discovers his brother is getting a divorce
03 – Barney and Robin find some alone time and Ted says goodbye to the bad things
04 – Lily teaches Robin how to make new friends and Ted becomes Barney’s best man again
05 – Marshall and Lily believed Ted did not get them a wedding gift
06 – Ted finds the girl to spend the wedding weekend with
07 – Marshall asks the gang to delete a text to Lily
08 – Robin and Barney’s mother finally make up
09 – Marshall and Lily have a bet on who ends up with Robin: Ted or Barney
10 – Barney and Robin find another Reverend after the current one passes away
11 – Marshall and Marvin take the bus which breaks down
12 – Barney surprises Robin by bringing Canada to the rehearsal dinner
13 – Marshall meets Ted’s future wife for the first time
14 – Marshall gives Barney his slap after studying martial arts
15 – Barney tells the truth while Ted and Robin ask him questions
16 – The boyfriend of the Mother dies 9 years ago
17 – Ted finally moves on with Robin and lets her go                           
18 – Marshall and Ted attempt to cure Barney’s hangover
19 – Barney picks out his suit for the wedding
20 – Robin’s mother arrives for the wedding and Lily is pregnant again
21 – 3 days after the wedding Ted goes on his first date with his wife
22 – Robin believes Ted is the one she should marry
23 – Barney and Robin divorce after three years of marriage
24 – Season Finale: Ted’s wife dies and later marries Robin