Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green Lantern #62 [2011] by Geoff Johns

The New Guardians story arc have been introducing various incarnations of the Entities that inhibit and power their respective corps. Each Entity had a chance to be properly introduced as well as their Earth hosts. The mastermind of the Brightest Day is also revealed to be Krona the Oan responsible for the Anti-Matter Universe and the Qwardians who are responsible for Sinestro’s yellow ring. The havoc was caused when Krona wanted to witness the birth of the universe similar to the havoc that played during a recent Legion of Super-Heroes arc when Titan was destroyed as the birth of the universe was also witnessed. One billion years ago, Ganthlet and the other Guardians wearing their White Lantern attire betrayed and banished Krona for his quest for the understanding the emotional spectrum. Now Krona has returned collecting the Entities powering the corps and beginning his emotional conquest of the universe.

Meanwhile resisting help from his fellow Justice League members, Hal Jordan joins the leaders of the other Corps to track Krona and locate their respective Entities. The conclusion of the New Guardians leads into the War of the Green Lanterns which will refocus the shift back to the Green Lantern characters of Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart. Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke have “empowered” each issue of New Guardians with precise balance, character, and storytelling for the low cost of $2.99 unlike Marvel books whose stories are decompressed to sell more books. Artist Doug Mahnke had one small panel that made Krona look like Megamind which I was both surprised and pleased to see. We also got a sneak preview of the characters that will be shown in the upcoming summer blockbuster Green Lantern.