Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Action Comics #899 [2011]

The Black Ring Saga draws closer to its conclusion as Lex Luthor and Brainiac face-off. Brainiac has been secretly controlling Lois however Luthor took a good look at Lois after their confrontation with Vandal Savage. The battle between them ends as Luthor breaks Brainiac’s neck as all the Earth based spheres heads towards space to open a portal from the phantom zone releasing a creature. The creature will end all negative emotion by eliminating all life within the universe. Luthor bonds with the creature by using the nanites that Lois placed with him designed by Brainiac.

Writer Paul Cornell provides a well thought out issue as he paces his way towards the epic conclusion with Action Comics #900. Kryptonian technology controls the Phantom Zone and the nanites are based on Kryptonian technology. Luthor deduces the creature is the product of its own environment. Great storytelling that reaches its peak before the climax next month as Superman returns to the pages of Action Comics.