Sunday, April 17, 2011

TV Review: Game of Thrones Season 1 [2011]

After the death of the former Hand Jon Arryn, King Robert asks Lord Stark to become his new Hand of the King. However news reached Stark’s wife Catelyn from her sister Lysa that her husband Jon was murdered by the House of Lannister. Complicating matters further someone pushed Stark’s son Bran to his death after he overheard the Queen and her companion talking about Stark and his new position as the Hand of the King. The Queen herself is originally from the House of Lannister before marrying into the House of Baratheon. While Bran laid dying someone tried to assassinate him using a blade from Tyrion Lannister.

Meanwhile the children at former House of Targaryen have grown up. Viserys sells her sister Dany to Khal Drago for a place on the throne. He plans to build his kingdom and army to overthrow king. King Robert killed Prince Rhaegar Tragaryen while Jamie Lannister killed King Aerys Targaryen. The game of thrones begins as something lurks beyond the Wall. 

George R.R. Martin creates detailed descriptions of settings and landscapes within each chapter to enhance the characters residing within them. Each character and their relationships with one another are complicated as the overlapping of their Houses creates tension and moves the story forward to an unpredictable conclusion. HBO began adapting the George R.R. Martin novels which premiered on April 17, 2011. 

- Each of the children of the House of Stark adopted a direwolf pup as their own pets
- Jon Snow gives his half-sister Arya a sword properly named needle 
- Jon Snow travels to the Wall to become part of the Night Watch
- Lord Mormont warns that something sinister is brewing beyond the Wall 
- Benjen Stark is missing in the darkness of the forest beyond the Wall
- Lord Stark continues his investigation into the death of Jon Arryn
- Catelyn Stark arrests Tyrion Lannister for the assassination attempt against Bran
- Jamie Lannister discovers his brother is captured and confronts Edward Stark
- Tyrion Lannister frees himself after a trial by combat 
- Edward Stark investigates the death of Jon Arryn discover Robert’s children is not his
- King Robert dies from killing and his Hand Edward Stark command of the Kingdom
- Queen Cersi places her son on the throne and imprisons Edward Stark
- The White Walkers have begun attacking the Wall 
- After the assassination attempt on Dany, Khal Drago goes to war against the seven kingdoms
- Tyrion Lannister promises to make new Lords out of various clansmen
- Tywin Lannister prepares his army with his son Tyrion’s clansmen 
- Robb Stark prepares his army against both Tywin and Jaime Lannister
- Tywin Lannister replaces Edward Stark as the Hand of the King
- Ser Barristan is replaced by Jamie Lannister as Lord Commandar of the White Swords

01 – Bran Stark is pushed to his death after witnessing the Queen committing adultery
02 – An assassination attempt has been made on Bran’s life as Jon Snow joins the Nightwatch
03 – Ned discovers the assassination attempt by the Lannisters and Dany is pregnant
04 – Tyrion Lannister is captured by Catelyn Stark for the assassination attempt Bran
05 – Jamie Lannister discovers his brother is captured and confronts Edward Stark
06 – Dany’s brother Viserys wants a crown so her husband Khal Drago “crowns” him
07 – King Robert dies and requesting Edward Stark to rule until Queen Cersi takes over
08 – King Joffrey promises mercy on Edward Stark if confesses and accepts him as King
09 – Jamie Lannister is captured by Robb Stark while his father Edward Stark is beheaded
10 - Series Finale: The dragons are reborn and the various armies prepare for a clash of kings