Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Devil Comics Review | Locke & Key: Head Games [2009]

Following the events of Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft, Zack is now friends with the Locke family who wants the key to the Black Door. Now Zack has moved with his girlfriend from his past who is also the track coach for Kinsey. However drama professor Joe Ridgeway at Lovecraft Academy recognizes that Zack used a student named Luke who hung out with Tyler’s father. Joe believes that Zack and Luke is the same person. Fearing his cover is blown Zack uses one of his keys to teleport to Joe’s home and shoots him dead. Meanwhile Bode searches for the door that opens the key he found while fishing in the pool. The key fits at the base of the neck.

- Duncan Locke recognizes Zack from when he was 8 years-old
- Bode turns the key at the base of his neck while Tyler and Kinsley look inside
- Tyler shows off his new key to Jordan and Zack with predictable results
- Both Duncan and Brian get into a bar fight with homophobic bitches
- Tyler uses the key to take out the fears and tears from his sister Kinsey
- Zack steals the key and removes the memories of Lucas Caravaggio from Duncan
- The homophobic bitches run over Duncan’s boyfriend Brian with their car
- Before Lovecraft, Ellie says the name Dodge while opening door to the well

- Dodge killed Ellie’s mother and Zack removes this memory from Ellie
- Zack begins to remove memories from Rufus however his toy soldiers protect him