Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Devil Comics Review | Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft [2008] by Joe Hill

The series begins with the tragedy that hits the Locke family when mother Nina Locke unknowingly opens the door to family summer home to greet two homicidal boys named Sam Lesser and Albert Grubb. Sam shoots the father Rendell Locke while Albert brutally assaults Nina. The family fights back as their eldest son Tyler smashes a brick into Sam Lesser while his mother Nina takes an ax to the back of Albert’s head. Sam is sent to prison for his crimes where he craves his skin with unknown symbols.

Following the funeral for their father in San Francisco, the family relocates to their family estate of Keyhouse in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. Mysterious happenings begin when the youngest child Bode finds a key and opens the Ghost Door. When Bode passes through the door his spirit is free to roam before returning to his body. Series writer Joe Hill is the son of horror author Stephen King whose story is reviewed to be commissioned into a pilot episode at Fox.

- Bode spies on his family in spirit form while experimenting with the Ghost Door
- Bode speaks to someone within the well who asks for a mirror and scissors
- The entity within the well offers Sam the mirror and scissors to escape prison
- Kinsey adjusts to her new life while Sam escapes prison and heads East
- Sam arrives on the Keyhouse estate and beats both Kinsey and Tyler
- Sam wants the key to anywhere and the key to the Black Door
- Bode becomes the spirit and locates the two keys to save his family
- Bode takes the anywhere key which was the bracelet around Kinsey’s wrist
- Tyler tries to escape however turns the Black Door and becomes a spirit
- The entity within the well uses the anywhere key to escape her imprisonment
- Tyler returns to his body just in time to stop Sam from killing Kinsey
- The entity within the well turns from a female into a male and returns as Zack
- Zack finds and drags Sam through the Black Door turning him into a spirit