Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PunisherMax #11 [2011] by Jason Aaron & Steve Dillion

After killing a dirty cop the NYPD have been raiding Frank’s safe houses and arsenal. The Kingpin has hired Bullseye to assassinate Frank however he must first find out what makes Frank tick. Now Frank has taken the direct approach towards Fisk Enterprises deciding to eliminate both the Kingpin and Bullseye. Both Frank and Bullseye go at each other with the passion for killing with tear gases, axes, machine guns, knives, sledgehammers, and nails. Leading Frank cornering Fisk on the rooftop until Bullseye arrives revealing what Frank told his wife before she died in Central Park. This stops Frank in his tracks while Fisk shoots the window ceiling allowing both Bullseye and Frank falling to the ground surrounded by NYPD Police.

This issue feels like a cop-out especially from series writer Jason Aaron. Building up the confrontation was amazing with the dialogues matching the action sequences. However Bullseye made an effort to find out what is in Frank’s head and to allow him to whisper what he said instead of letting the audience in on it seems like very poor planning. Imagine watching a great movie until the ending revealed the mastermind was either aliens or God. During One More Day Mary Jane whispered something to Mephisto however it was revealed during One Moment in Time. Whether Mr. Aaron plans to reveal to the audience what was said with his next arc Frank remains to be seen.