Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Secret Service Premiere HC [2013]



A group of terrorists are stealing stars from famous sci-fi productions including Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Star Trek. Mark Hamill has already died after a failed rescue attempt. Now another agent Jack London is being sent in however first he must send his nephew Gary to a spy school. Gary begins his training while his uncle Jack is caught red-handed by the Chinese.

Gary gets training however falls back to his old habits so Jack takes him. He dumps his nephew in South America stripped and robbed with only 24-hours to touch English soil. Gary gets back home with the FBI most wanted fugitive. After Gary graduates, he heads home to find his mother beaten and bruised. Gary decides to teach her boyfriend a lesson of respect.

Both Jack and Gary investigate Doctor James Arnold who is responsible for the disappearances of the celebrities. Jack seduces Arnold’s girlfriend who reveals he is planning on killing 5 billion people the following night with cell phones. Uncle Jack is killed by one of Doctor Arnold’s henchmen who has been following them.

Gary assembles the new recruits to stop James Arnold from killing 5 billion people. After the raid into his compound, Gary discovers the machine cannot be stopped so his recruits reprogrammed it so people will start killing giving the world 15 minutes of World Peace. After Jack is buried, Gary reads his last Will-and-Testament before receiving a message that there is trouble in Moscow.

This hardcover collects
Secret Service #1-6