Wednesday, June 26, 2013

X-O Manowar Volume 3: Planet Death [2013]

The Vine begins their attack on Earth and Commander Trill uses Aric’s friend Gafti as a hostage. Aric surrenders the armor to save his friend however Trill shoots him regardless. Aric summons the armor which attacks Trill and wears it and beats him. An injured Gafti arrives and Aric uses the armor on him to heal him but Gafti is traumatized by the events abroad the Vine ship. Aric convinces Gafti to stop fighting only to realize the incoming Vine invasion fleet arriving. Gafti heads towards them and sacrifices himself by destroying the invasion fleet. After the armor returns to Earth without Gafti, Aric decides to take the war to the Vine’s home planet. 

The origin of the Vine is revealed as Aric arrives on their planet. Aric plans on destroying the planet however discovers the last of his people is alive and living there. However his people are descendants of the original people.

Aric is attacked by the Vine and he is wounded in the onslaught. He is saved by one of the Vine and secretly taken to the priest while the Vine begins eradicating the slave encampment. The X-O armor returns to Aric and he launches a defensive which will lead to the other enslaved inhabitants of the planet to be freed.The Vine is willing to destroy their homeworld Loam than surrender to the Aric. However the Vine surrenders to Aric and he takes his people back to Earth.

This paperback collects
X-O Manowar #9-14