Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Green Lantern: Wrath of the First Lantern HC [2013]


Ten billion years ago Krona witnesses the beginnings of the universe and discovers the hand of the creator has a ring. Afterwards Volthoom who later becomes the First Lantern arrives and meets Ganthet. 

In the present Green Lantern Simon Baz meets Black Lantern William Hand within the Chamber of Shadows. William Hand AKA Black Hand sends Baz to where Sinestro and Hal Jordan are currently situated in the Dead Zone. A battle occurs freeing Sinestro and bringing Black Hand into the Dead Zone with both Hal and Baz. Hal understands the Black Lantern ring cannot be wielded by the living and thinks about killing himself.

The First Lantern dissolves the Third Army and captures the Guardians of the Universe. He later tears the very soul of Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner. The First Lantern Volthoom is gathering enough power to rewrite reality.

On Maltus the home planet of the Guardians, an echo of Krona reveals his past which was driven by the death of his family. Their death led Krona to seek the meanings of the origins of the universe. Atrocitus finds the Great Heart of the Guardians below the surface of Maltus. The First Lantern arrives and promises to change Atrocitus’ world.  



- The First Lantern takes John Stewart and Fatality through their nightmares
- The First Lantern feasts on the souls of Carol Ferris, Larfleeze, and Saint Walker
- The First Lantern shows Atrocitus a world where the Manhunters did not attack
- Atrocitus orders all Red Lanterns to find and destroy him for the massacre of Ryutt


- Hal becomes a Black Lantern and releases Nekron
- Sinestro merges with Parallax
- Volthoom is destroyed and Hal returns to a Green Lantern
- Sinestro kills all the Guardians
- The fates of the various Corps and Lanterns are revealed
- Sinestro spared Ganthet and reunited him with Sayd

- Guy Gardner saves his family from Xar and rests for 10 days on Earth
- Kyle Rayner meets his father again while Ganthet and Sayd watch
- Atrocitus kills the last of the Guardians of the Universe

This hardcover collects
Green Lantern #17-20
Green Lantern Corps #17-20
Green Lantern: New Guardians #17-20
Red Lanterns #17-20