Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3 Guns [2013-2014] by Steven Grant

Bobby Beans is hired to steal money from a transferred arms deal. Marcus teams up with Bobby so he will steal the money while Bobby goes for the arms. In the middle is a woman named Joey who is also a financial advisor Zhenya Ropox for the arms dealer. After Bobby and Marcus steal their respective items, Joey steals the goods. They finally catch up to Joey who is really Jolene Dodge as Bobby reveals he is ATF and Marcus works for Homeland.

Jolene takes Marcus to the Russian arms dealer and tells him that Marcus stole the money. Bobby is captured and interrogated as Marcus is set free. Now the Russian arms dealer, Jolene, and Marcus are working together to free Bobby. Once Bobby is freed the three work together to discover the arms are going to be used to rob a casino. Not as exciting as 2 Guns as writer Steven Grant brought the characters together in a rushed conclusion. The suspense was building up until the fifth issue. The series was dragged out with dialogue which slowed down the storytelling.

This paperback collects
3 Guns #1-6