Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Forever Evil: Arkham War HC [2013-2014]



After the Crime Syndicate announced the Justice League is dead, the villains of Arkham divided Gotham into separate sections with the Penguin as the mayor while Bane arrives to rule all of Gotham. Bane takes over Blackgate prison as the Scarecrow rallies the villains of Arkham Asylum. The Blackgate prison has the Talons from the City of Owls storyline from the Batman books. Bane sends a warning to the Arkham inmates through Professor Pyg that Gotham is his. 

The Man-Bats take on Bane’s Army as Penguin negotiates with Bane for his cooperation in exchange for the Emperor Penguin. Penguin also reveals that Scarecrow is planning on seizing the Talons under Blackgate Prison. 

After delivering Emperor Penguin to Cobblepot, Bane asks for the location of the Talons however reveals no one is afraid of him. Bane decides to build a Batman armored-suit to strike fear into the Arkham inmates and his first target is Killer Croc who falls easily. Now Bane teams-up with Willian Cobb to free the Talons however Scarecrow uses his fear-controlling gas to turn the Talons against them.Bane defeats the Talons with the help of William Cobb while Scarecrow infects his followers with the Venom serum to defeat Bane. However Bane takes on all of Arkham Asylum and claims Gotham City.

Batman returns to Gotham to find Bane and the Talons have taken charge. After defeating the Talons, Batman goes after Bane and takes him down. Bane is imprisoned in Arkham Asylum as they detox the Venom out of his system. 

This hardcover collects
Forever Evil: Arkham War #1-6
Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman Vs. Bane #1