Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Superior Spider-Man: Necessary Evil TPB [2013] by Dan Slott



After the Age of Ultron, the space-time continuum is broken and in 2099 Tyler Stone who is the biological father of Miguel O'Hara AKA Spider-Man 2099 is slowly being erased. Now his company Alchemax is sending Spider-Man to 2013 to stop the time disruptions at the source.

In the present Tiberius Stone has it out for Max Modell who is arrested by the US Government. A hostile takeover of the company by Liz Allan of Allan Chemical begins. Spider-Man pursues Tiberius Stone however is interrupted by Spider-Man 2099 who is there to save his own grandfather. The battle is short-lived and Spider-Man 2099 escapes with Tiberius.

Spider-Man 2099 discovers Tiberius destroys Horizon Labs and Alchemax rose in its place. He knows how to stop it however he is interrupted by Spider-Man. To avoid the explosion Peter Parker needs to set the right equation to cancel the time door. Spider-Man erased Peter from his mind as well as the equation. Now Spider-Man 2099 wants a better future without Alchemax and Stones so he is willing to sacrifice himself. However Spider-Man enters the wrong equation and Horizon implodes however Spider-Man 2099 saves Tiberius Stone and works for him as Michael O'Mara. 

- Both Carlie and Wraith discover Doctor Octopus is funding Spider-Island
- Carlie warns Mary Jane to stay away from Peter Parker
- Peter Parker used Doc Ock’s research for his PhD and gets kicked out of school
- Stunner returns to enact revenge of Spider-Man for killing his Otto Octavius
- Spider-Man defeats Stunner as Carlie is captured by the Goblin Nation
- Peter becomes a Doctor while Carlie's journals falls into the hands of the Green Goblin

This paperback collects
Superior Spider-Man #17-21