Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Batman: Zero Year - Secret City HC [2013]


Clayface poses as Bruce Wayne and robs a bank to lure Batman out. We are also introduced to the Batman Beyond costume designed by Lucius Fox. Batman traps Clayface and heads home. During Zero Year, Bruce Wayne deals with the Red Hood Gang after returning to Gotham. Uncle Philip Kane persuades Bruce to join him at Wayne Enterprises however after he refuses, Edward Nygma suggests killing him instead. 

Bruce Wayne disguises himself as Mr. Cobblepot to retrieve stolen Wayne Tech. Nygma reveals to Bruce that his Uncle Philip is giving arms to the Red Hood Gang so they won’t take the bigger one. Upon returning to his apartment the Red Hood Gang blows it up with Bruce Wayne inside.

Philip Kane confronts Nygma on the “death” of his nephew while Bruce recuperates at Wayne Manor. Both Nygma and Bruce are slowly being transformed into the Riddler and Batman. Bruce reveals to the media the Red Hood Gang is using ACE Chemical to create a nerve toxin. The Batman stops the Red Hood Gang at the cost of Philip Kane. Red Hood One falls into one of the chemical vats…..which leads us to believe he will evolve into the Joker. 

This hardcover collects
Batman (2011) #19-24