Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Justice League: Trinity War HC [2013]

Justice League of America was specially created to take down the Justice League. The Trinity War escalates when on of our heroes crosses the line and a member of the Justice League falls. The story picks up from the other Justice League issues. Shazam has defeated Black Adam, Despero is defeated by the Justice League, and Amanda wants Dr. Light to join the Justice League of America. Pandora arrives and Superman is affected by her box.

Shazam heads to Kahndaq to bury Black Adam. The Justice League is heading over there to bring Shazam back while the Justice League of America is sent there to stop the Justice League. Superman engages with Black Adam as the Justice League of America arrives with Dr. Light. Superman accidently kills Dr. Light who accidently lost control and hurt Wonder Woman. Meanwhile the Question asks “Who is the Evil behind the Evil? as the Secret Society led by the Outsider makes their move to deal with Madame Xanadu.

Superman is brought back to A.R.G.U.S. for the death of Dr. Light. Wonder Woman believes Superman lost control because of Pandora’s Box. She goes to find the Justice League Dark while the Question disguised as Steve Trevor releases Superman.

- Pandora visits Lex Luthor however the Box possesses Wonder Woman
- The Justice League finds out why the Justice League of America was formed
- Shazam takes the power away from Wonder Woman however he is possessed
- Deadman manages to discover the location of Madame Xanadu
- Pandora’s Box is a Mother Box to another universe Earth-3
- Cyborg is ripped apart and his machine-half turns into the Grid
- The New 52 Crime Syndicate arrives and Forever Evil begins



This hardcover collects
Justice League #22-23
Justice League of America #6-7
Justice League Dark #22-23