Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bedlam TPB [2013] by Nick Spencer

10 years ago Madder Red terrorized the city of Bedlam before being committed and currently goes by the name Fillmore Press. The city’s hero the First stopped him in the past however new murders are being committed. Now Detective Ramira Acevedo is trying to solve the new murders and Fillmore wants to help without revealing he was once Madder Red.

To get her attention, Fillmore admits to a crime he didn’t commit and finds the connection between the victims. Ramira becomes frustrated and calls on the First to step in. However she discovers after the death of a priest who was connected to the church who allowed another priest to abused boys 8 years ago it is not Fillmore.

The latest victims are people at a hospital recovery room where the assailant opened fire. Both Ramira and Fillmore visit a priest in jail who abused boys. He slips Ramira a micky while he talks to the priest. Fillmore discovers the assailant is called Eric and the priest discovers he is talking to Madder Red. Eric is stop however the priest admits there are other Angels of Death.