Friday, June 14, 2013

Film Review: Superman: Man of Steel [2013]


Overall Man of Steel has a great build up and falls flat in the end. The overuse of special effects desensitizes the action and the drama of the story. The story has numerous plot holes including why didn’t the U.S. Military know that Superman is from Smallville after Zod landed at his front door. The death of Zod at end puts a question on Superman on whether he truly represents hope or a change of times of today’s world.

The movie starts off in Krypton as it should and shows Jor-El delivering a baby without doctors. Later he is riding a bug. For an advanced society this is a downturn. Then he puts the codex in his son which is basically injecting your kid with Botox.

Some complaints I have include how the fuck did Jonathan Kent move that big ass spaceship into his barn? Jenny Olson is just too Jewish. Her nose kept bothering me however she could play a female Pinocchio. The final battle shows Zod taking off his armor and showing off his black leotard. He is either ready for dancing to Psy's "Gangnam Style" or Beyonce's "Put a Ring On It" than fight Superman.

Superman kills Zod in the end! Superman represents the Jesus-character and his “S” symbol represents hope. Superman is a character that finds a better way of handling situations. A great way of stopping Zod who is using his heat vision to kill the citizens of Metropolis was to use his cold breath and render Zod blind. You know a cold blow job. (Wait…that didn’t come out right) This will show Superman finding different means to end a conflict. Basically Zod killed his father then in turn he kills him. This is more revenge then self-defense.

The military is trying to find out where he hangs his cape. Where the fuck did you get the spaceship to send Zod’s people back to the Phantom Zone? That’s a great place to start. The collateral damage to Metropolis and the lives lost. This is not a movie for people who are still sensitive to the events of 9/11. It just reinforces and stereotypes the fact that foreigners cause trouble.

The writer of the Dark Knight Rises builds up Krypton as a Russian-like communist society similar to the one introduced by John Byrne. Krypton expanded their empire in space at the cost of their planet’s core. Jor-El sends his natural birth son Kal-El to Earth with a code of all Kryptonians. Zod is sent to the Phantom Zone for his insurrection but is freed after Krypton explodes. On Earth Clark becomes Superman just as Zod arrives to use Earth to build Krypton and its people. The battle ensues where Metropolis is destroyed and Zod is killed. Superman finds his way of becoming Clark at the end of the story and is with Lois.

The only part I truly like is the set up for sequels. Clark finds a capsule which is opened from the Kryptonian scout ship. The Man of Steel Prequel: Special Edition shows where the scout ship came from and who is the lost Kryptonian. After the events of the Man of Steel, Superman believes he is the last of his kind however like Yoda said “There is another.”


The prequel follows Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) as she leaves Krypton so the population of Krypton will expand among other worlds. However following onboard her ship is Dev-Em who killed her boyfriend Kell on Krypton. The ship eventually crash lands in Canada and sends a signal alerting the other Kryptonians to come to Earth. The issue puts a huge spoiler on who is Zod looking for on Earth. It may not be Clark Kent but her cousin Kara Zor-El. The issue was released a month before the premiere of the Man of Steel film.