Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Iron Man #17 The Secret Origin of Tony Stark Finale [2013]


This issue is the conclusion of the Secret Origin of Tony Stark which started in Iron Man #6. Nearly a year later it is revealed that the secret of Tony Stark and his origins told over the course of the story was not his. A robot by the name of 451 genetically engineered Tony Stark to preserve Earth however it was Arno Stark who was genetically engineered. Tony Stark was adopted and used as a decoy. The overall storyline was crap as it took Tony Stark into the depths of space and brought him back to Earth. The revelation that Arno Stark currently exists and will one day inherit the mantle of Iron Man 2020 is the big payoff however it took 10 issues previously to tell the whole story. This issue is the only one whole picking up while the rest of the story preceding this issue falls short.