Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Batman: Joker's Daughter #1 One Shot [2014]

After appearing in Villain’s Month, the Joker’s Daughter tries to find the Joker through Batman. The Joker’s Daughter uses tracking fibers in the note to follow Batman. The Batman leads the Joker’s Daughter to the place where he felling during the conclusion of Death of the Family. The Batman leads her to the police where she eventually escapes custody and heads to Arkham to find the whereabouts of the Joker. She is confronted by the Anchoress where we discovered the Joker’s Daughter has a series of identities she was practicing and now she is the Joker’s Daughter. She goes to see the Dollmaker who cut out the Joker’s face in Detective Comics #1 (2011). She asks him to sew the Joker’s face onto her own and injects the Joker’s blood into her veins. Afterwards she receives a note from the Joker saying “Hello Beautiful” thereby letting her know he has been watching her and he will come back.

Writer Marguerite Bennett crafted a classic story of the journey of the Joker’s Daughter and the threat she will become in the future. Clues are being placed about her capabilities: the tracking fibers, killing her parents, and her obsession of finding an identity. This is a truly classic villain tale.