Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Origin II HC [2013-2014]

The series is a sequel to the 2001 Origin tale of James Howlett journey into Logan. In Origin II we were told Nathaniel Essex will play a major part in the series. The first issue had Logan hanging around wolves and killing a bear. The second issue finds him hunted and captured by the circus. The third has him being tortured by Essex and rescued by Creed and Carla. By the fourth Creed betrays Carla and Logan for Essex. The final issue sees Logan getting his revenge on both Creed and Essex. The big reveals are both Creed and Carla are siblings however the Creed in the story is Saul Creed, Victor’s younger brother as he is revealed on the last page. It was a clever reveal as writer Kieron Gillen pulled the same maneuver in the recent Secret Origin of Tony Stark where he finally introduced Arno Stark at the end. Overall Origin II isn’t a Wolverine story – it’s a Creed story.