Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Star Trek: The Q Gambit TPB [2014-2015]

In the original timeline, Q visits Picard and reveals Ambassador Spock has survived and is living in an alternative timeline. Q tells him that Spock’s actions saved this timeline however has doomed the other one. He visits the alternative timeline and shows Kirk that there’s such a thing as a no-win scenario. Q takes the Enterprise to the opposite side of the Alpha Quadrant and to the future within new timeline where the space station known as Deep Space Nine in the original timeline awaits them.

The Enterprise and the crew are quickly captured by the Dominion. Kirk brought to Terok Nor and meets Gul Dukat who reveals Kirk has traveled a century into the future and the Federation surrendered to the Dominion. Kirk meets Sisko who rescues him and brings back to Earth which is ruled by the Klingon Empire. The Alpha Quadrant is divided between the Dominion and the Klingon Empire. Sisko explains to Kirk how the Klingons took over Earth. They meet with the Supreme Chancellor Worf who is later assassinated revealing the Dominion has taken over the Earth. However back on Bajor Spock and McCoy are introduced to Doctor Bashir who rescues them with the help of Qwark and Kira who are both with the resistance. Q’s motivation for bringing them into the future is still unclear however as the story progresses forward with three issues left we will find out whether this arc filled with memories is worth having.

On Earth the captured Sisko and Kirk are rescued by the Defiant while on Bajor Qwark betrays his allies to the Cardassians. Kira has an ancient tablet that could turn the tide of the war with the Dominion. The table contains two imprisoned entities from other dimensions the Par-Wraith and a Prophet. Gul Dukat takes the tablet and willingly releases the two entities. 

Star Trek #39 of the Q Gambit begins as Dukat breaks the tablet and releases the Pah-Wraith and the Last Prophet. The Pah-Wraith inhibits Dukat as the Last Prophet heads towards Kira. However Dukat kills Kira allowing the Last Prophet to inhibit Sisko. Now Dukat takes the Enterprise into the wormhole to join his brethren and return with an overwhelming force. Sisko and Kirk arrive in the Defiant and have a choice to make. Give Dukat chase into the wormhole where and be destroyed or wait for them to return with a powerful force of Pah-Wraiths to wipe them all out. Q arrives to inform Kirk that depending on his decision he and the entire Q Continuum will cease to exist. This is a daring cliffhanger ending leading into the final issue of the story arc. 

The final issue of Star Trek Q Gambit sees the Defiant pursuing the Enterprise into the wormhole as Dukat and his crew is inhibited by the Pah-Wraiths. The Pah-Wraiths are inter-dimensional species which could destroy the Q Continuum. Dukat beams Sisko, Kirk, Spock, and Q onto the Enterprise and kills Sisko. The Prophet leaves Sisko and inhibits Spock. Now Spock makes the logical choice and gives the Prophet to Q so both of them combined can destroy the Pah-Wraiths. Q sends Kirk and his crew back to his own timeline as he visits Picard in his timeline. Overall these six issues were outstanding as they brought back old faces with the new Star Trek crew. 

This paperback collects
Star Trek #35-40