Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Multiversity [2014-2015] by Grant Morrison | Jim Lee

THE MULTIVERSITY Grant Morrison begins his next epic following Final Crisis as he maps out the DC Multiverse. The last Monitor Nix Uotan rescues Thunderer and asks him to assemble a team from the Multiverse. 

The Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors of the Counter-World #1 The Society of Super-Heroes (S.O.S) sees Doc Fate assemble a team of heroes including Anthro the Immortal Man, the Atom, Green Lantern Abin Sur, and the Blackhawks to protect the Earth against an invasion from a parallel Earth. They take on Vandal Savage, Felix Faust, Blockbuster, Lady Shiva, and Parallax. 

The Just #1 The past generation of superheroes leaves their children in a carefree world where they are not need in The Multiversity: The Just. Until a superhero Sapphire Mason AKA Megamorpho committed suicide. Now both Batman and Superman investigate the murder. Batman discovers Megamorpho killed herself after reading a comic book. They discover the comic books might carry an infection from parallel worlds.

We are made aware that Lex Luthor killed Superman and Chris Kent is resentful to Alexis Luthor because her father killed his father. The issue includes other superheroes including Plastic Man’s son Off Spring, the Flash Wally West, Green Arrow Conner Hawke, Alpha Centurion, Wonder Woman Artemis. Together they will form the super-team the Just. 

Pax Americana #1 Grant Morrison gives a Watchmen feel to his latest Multiversity issue Pax Americana. The first and last panel begins and ends with the infinity symbol. The issue begins as the President is assassinated by his own bodyguard Chris Smith the Peacemaker. The end of the issue sees a young President kill his own father who was the superhero Yellowjacket. The death of his father pushes him to build a superhero team led by Captain Atom to redeem himself for killing father. We also find out Captain Atom is missing for a year through an artificial black hole and Super-Hero has become a dirty word. The Question tries to find out who killed Nora O’Rourke who cracked Algorithm B the pattern that explains everything as well as trying to find the answer of why Yellowjacket disappear. The idea of superheroes failed a long time ago on Earth-4 which makes them succumb to the events in the Multiversity. This issue is very dense and a different type of storytelling as the climax is at both the beginning and end of the story. 

The Multiversity: Thunderworld #1 begins as Dr. Sivana tracks the Rock of Eternity to find the power source of Captain Marvel so he can transform his children. Sivana imprisons the Wizard Shazam and creates an artificial day called Sivanaday, an impossible day, the day Captain Marvel dies. Shazam, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr. stop the Sivana Family and deal with the Monster Society. Shazam heads towards the Rock of Eternity to save the Wizard from Sivana who becomes Black Sivana. Shazam wins when the artificial day eighth day is over. 

The Multiversity: Guidebook #1 begins as the events of Thunderworld spills over as the Sivanas of the Multiverse attack the Little League as the Earth-17 Batman arrives to save them. We are given the history of the DC Universe beginning with the Flash of Two Worlds, the Crisis on Earth-One where the Justice Society and Justice League first met, Crisis of Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, Flashpoint, and finally the Multiversity. We are also given an index of the 52 known worlds of the DC Multiverse. It is also revealed that the Monitor Nix Uotan of the Gentry unleashes Darkseid to plague creation. His hand is the same one at the beginning of creation. The finale of the issue sees the Multiverse heroes assemble against the threat from the first issue of Multiversity. 

The Multiversity: Mastermen #1 begins as Overman’s rocket arrives in Germany during World War II and Hilter makes him his unstoppable weapon. After the Germans win the war, Overgirl is dead and Uncle Sam challenges Overman by sending the Human Bomb. Now captured the Human Bomb destroys the Eagle’s Nest and crashes the headquarters on the population of Metropolis. Now Overman is left with nothing as a new war begins against the Freedom Fighters. The issue was beautifully drawn by Jim Lee but lacks the story impact as the other Multiversity titles.

The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 is the issue that has been teased throughout the series. The character Ultra Comics breaks the Fourth Wall by warning the reader that Earth-Prime will be under attack. We see him go through his Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Dark Age of comics. Ultra faces his ending as the participants within the story represent the readers of the comic demanding a happy ending. However Ultra faces his end as Earth-Prime is now vulnerable to attack. This was an ambitious comic by Grant Morrison and it was a successful execution. Now we have to await the final issue of the series in The Multiversity #2.

The Multiversity #2 is the conclusion to Grant Morrison’s epic following Final Crisis. Heroes from throughout the Multiverse are brought together to face a crisis. They are preparing for a full-scale invasion from a higher order reality by building a volunteer army of 50 worlds. Operation Justice Incarnate is formed. Morrison provides the possibility of future stories to come in the DC Universe. 

Earth 0 – New 52 Universe  
Earth 1 – Earth One Universe
Earth 2 – Justice Society
Earth 3 – Crime Syndicate
Earth 4 – Pax Americana
Earth 5 – Shazam of Thunderworld
Earth 6 – Just Imagine
Earth 7 – Thunderer sole survivor of Earth-4
Earth 8 – The Future Family
Earth 9 – Tangent Universe
Earth X – Overman
Earth 11 – Superwoman and the Justice Guild
Earth 12 – Justice League Beyond
Earth 13 – Superdemon and the League of Shadows
Earth 14 – ?
Earth 15 – Perfect Universe
Earth 16 – The Just of Earth-Me
Earth 17 – Atomic Knights of Justice
Earth 18 – Superchief and the Justice Riders
Earth 19 – Gotham by Gaslight
Earth 20 – Society of Super-Heroes

Earth 21 – New Frontier
Earth 22 – Kingdom Come
Earth 23 – Calvin Ellis Superman
Earth 24 – ?
Earth 25 – ?
Earth 26 – Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew
Earth 27 – ?
Earth 28 – ?
Earth 29 – Bizarro World

Earth 30 – Soviet Superman
Earth 31 – Captain Leatherwing and Robin Redblade
Earth 32 – Bat-Lantern and the Justice Titans
Earth 33 – Ultra Comics of Earth-Prime
Earth 34 – Savior and the Light Brigade
Earth 35 – Supremo and the Super-Americans
Earth 36 – Justice 9
Earth 37 – Thrillkiller
Earth 38 – 1930s Superman and Batman
Earth 39 – Agents of WONDER

Earth 40 – Society of Super-Criminals
Earth 41 – Dino-Cop
Earth 42 – Little League
Earth 43 – Blood League
Earth 44 – The Metal League
Earth 45 – Superdoomsday
Earth 46 – ?
Earth 47 – Love Syndicate of Dreamworld
Earth 48 – Forerunners
Earth 49 – ?
Earth 50 – Justice Lords
Earth 51 – Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth

This hardcover collects
The Multiversity #1 [2014]
The Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors of the Counter-World #1 [2014]
The Just #1 [2014]
Pax Americana #1 [2014]
Thunderworld #1 [2014]
The Multiversity: Guidebook #1 [2015]
Mastermen #1 [2015]
Ultraa Comics #1 [2015]
The Multiversity #2 [2015]