Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thor Volume 1: The Goddess of Thunder HC [2014-2015] by Jason Aaron | Russell Dauterman

Following the events of Original Sin, Nick Fury made Thor unworthy and his hammer is on the moon until someone picks up Mjolnir as an army of Frost Giants invade Earth. The majority of the first issue deals with Odinson trying to lift his hammer before confronting the Frost Giants invading the Earth. The final two pages see someone on the moon lifting the Mjolnir and becoming the new Thor. We are given a clue what Nick Fury might have said to Thor at the conclusion of Original Sin. The hammer can only be lifted by a woman who is worthy. The “He” is changed to “She be Worthy, Shall Possess the Power of Thor.” 

In the second issue of Thor, the Goddess of Thunder arrives on Midgard to take on the Frost Giants who are attacking the floating Roxxon Island seeking the skull of their king. Now the hammer is trapped within a vault while Thor faces Malekith and the Frost Giants. Thor #3 begins as we understand why the Frost Giants invade Earth and target the Roxxon Island. They are searching for the lost skull of their king which was unearthed by the Roxxon and Malekith encourages the invasion as Odinson has lost his hammer. Makekith deals with the CEO of Roxxon who happens to be a minotaur as the new Thor deals with the Frost Giants. She also destroys the lost skull as Malekith threatens war just as the original Thor arrives to reclaim his hammer.

Odinson wakes up on Asgardia missing an arm and now faces the new Thor face-to-face in Thor #4. They both battle for control of the hammer until Odinson realizes it has chosen someone worthy. Thor kisses Odinson and together they take on the Frost Giants as Odinson finally accepts the new Thor.  This is the first meeting between the new Thor and the rest of the Marvel Universe as the Avengers make a cameo appearance. 

Back on Earth, Thor takes on the both the Absorbing Man and Titania and breaks their jaws. The All-Mother gives the new Thor encouragement as the All-Father Odin wants the Hammer back and plans on sending the destroyer after the new Thor.