Thursday, November 20, 2014

E21: Amazing Spider-Man #10 | Spider-Woman #1 Spider-Verse Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Part 2 of Spider-Verse begins as Morlun and his family of Earth – 001 who are called the Inheritors feast on the life-essence of the Spider-Men throughout the multiverse. Now the Spider-Men unite with Peter Parker who has already defeated an Inheritor. The Spider-Men gather as the Inheritors attack as the Spider-Men group up and retreat. Their stories will be revealed within their separate tie-ins to Spider-Verse. Peter Parker and Superior Spider-Man retreat to the Safe Zone where both will battle it out to decide what to do about the Inheritors. 

The first issue of the new Spider-Woman series sees her protecting Silk from the Inheritors from the Spider-Verse event. Accompanying her is the Spider-Man of the 1930s, they all keep a low profile until trouble stirs and the Inheritors discover the location of Silk. They jump to another Earth to the home of the 1930’s Spider-Man where the original Spider-Man arrives with company. Spider-Man wants Spider-Woman on another mission while Anya and Gwen Stacy take over for her in protecting Silk. However Silk travels to another dimension alone with the Inheritors right behind her. This title could have been marketed as a prelude to a new Spider-Woman series instead of beginning it with a tie-in to Spider-Verse.