Thursday, December 11, 2014

E29: Batman Eternal #36 | Green Lantern Corps #37 GodHead | World’s Finest #29 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #37 begins with the Batmobile destroyed and Commissioner Bard believing Batman was killed. However Batman survives and warns Bard to protect the city instead of going after him. Batman tries to put the pieces together of who is pulling the strings behind James Gordon, the train crash, the nanovirus, and converting Wayne Manor into Arkham Manor. However the Riddler has already figured things out and decides to give Batman a push in the right direction. 

Green Lantern Corps #37 finds the Rainbow Corps trapped on New Genesis as the Highfather attempts to convert them into his own warriors against Darkseid. John Stewart and Sinestro escape with the help from one of Highfather’s generals. Stewart returns to challenge Highfather and takes down one of his generals using their weapons before escaping once again.

World’s Finest #29 continues the secret history of Superman and Batman on Earth 2. Batman deals with Selina Kyle while Superman crash lands on Paradise Island facing Wonder Woman. Both Superman and Batman deal with a probe from Apokolips as well as the ally of Darkseid who terrorized Superman in the previous issue. There are three issues left before the end of the series and it seems the artist has given up.