Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Batman | Superman: Siege [2014-2015] by Greg Pak | Ardian Syaf

Writer Greg Pak (Planet Hulk, World War Hulk) brings the Superman’s Joker to Batman/Superman #16. Steel, Krypto, Supergirl, and an innocent man wearing a Superman costume are all shot by an unknown assailant. Batman assists in helping Superman find whoever has been shooting his allies. Batman realizes someone has been playing games at Superman that makes no sense. Superman is dealing with his own Joker who takes over Batman’s computer to show them his next targets. 

Batman/Superman #17 continues the Superman’s Joker story arc. Batman and Superman head to STAR Labs to use Hector Hammond to locate the mysterious villain. This leads them to Metropolis where the assassin Lobo is targeting his victims. Superman deals with him and protects his friends however Batman believes they need a bait to lure the villain out which is why Lois volunteers. 

Batman uses Lois Lane as bait to track down Superman’s Joker in Batman/Superman #18. However the plan backfires as Batman becomes the target. Superman discovers the bullet used to strike Batman is a Kandorian. Now the superheroes track down the bottled city of Kandor and find out what horror awaits inside. 

Batman/Superman #19 begins with Batman, Supergirl, and Superman shrinking themselves to infiltrate the bottled city of Kandor. They are looking for Tali who is Kara’s childhood friend however she is gone. They find a recording which has been altered giving a false history of Krypton including having Jor-El and his son Kal-El as villains and imprisioning them in a bottled city. Both Superman and Batman save the imprisoned Kandorians however now they need to face the Phantom King Xa-Du who is using Superman’s family against him.

Batman/Superman #20 sees Batman, Superman, and Supergirl facing off against Ka-El’s family who are controlled by the Phantom King the first prisoner of the Phantom Zone. Batman uses a Red-Sun generator to temporary take away their powers however the Phantom King sends the entire population of Kandorians to kill Kal-El. Superman stops them by blowing up the Red-Sun generator and taking away their powers as the Phantom King is sent back to the Phantom Zone. The story rather ends abruptly as it concludes in Batman/Superman Annual #2 as the Phantom King sets a series of events in motion.