Thursday, December 18, 2014

E34: Star Trek #39 The Q Gambit Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Star Trek #39 of the Q Gambit begins as Dukat breaks the tablet and releases the Pah-Wraith and the Last Prophet. The Pah-Wraith inhibits Dukat as the Last Prophet heads towards Kira. However Dukat kills Kira allowing the Last Prophet to inhibit Sisko. Now Dukat takes the Enterprise into the wormhole to join his brethren and return with an overwhelming force. Sisko and Kirk arrive in the Defiant and have a choice to make. Give Dukat chase into the wormhole where he will be destroyed or wait for them to return with a powerful force of Pah-Wraiths to wipe them all out. Q arrives to inform Kirk that depending on his decision he and the entire Q Continuum will cease to exist. This is a daring cliffhanger ending leading into the final issue of the story arc.