Thursday, January 8, 2015

E43: Ant-Man #1 | Wolverines #1 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Ant-Man #1 begins as Scott Lang applies to Stark Industries however Tony Stark is not impressed with his sordid past. Stark offers Lang a chance to prove himself for employment. Lang competes with other younger candidates however at the end they all fail. Stark offers them another chance the next. However Lang breaks into Stark’s apartment to retrieve the missing code to beat the test. He succeeds and Stark offers him the position. Writer Nick Spencer really brought out the character of Scott Lang to life before the upcoming Marvel film. 

The weekly Wolverines series begins with Mr. Sinister hiring the Wreaking Crew to salvage a Weapon X facility. Mr. Sinister arrives and manages to teleport away with the Adamantium imprisoned Wolverine and Daken’s right arm. The rest of the Wolverines are left defending themselves against the Wreaking Crew while Daken lies bleeding without his healing factor. Writer Charles Soule wrote an intriguing first issue team book.