Thursday, January 15, 2015

E47: All-New Captain America #3 | Shield #2 | Wolverines #2 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Captain America deals with Sin and stops her from initiating Hydra’s plans to sterilizing the world in All-New Captain America #3. Majority of the issue doesn’t even make sense as Sam Wilson is in some type of dream sequence while Sin convinces him about his true origins. Half the issue is wasted in the dream sequence while the other half deals with the story arc. Overall the new Captain America series has been heading downhill since the first issue. It would have been great if the momentum continued consistently throughout the series instead of breaks in the overall main Hydra story.

Agent Coulson and Agent Simmons reluctantly teams up with Ms. Marvel to take down a black market which sells weapons. The issue gives us an overview of Ms. Marvel for those who are not read her main series but the story was an average read. These SHIELD issues seem to be one shot specials with very little over arc theme. Each drawn by different artists and characters within each issue.

The second issue of Wolverines sees Daken dying and the rest of the team down. Mystique gives the Wreaking Crew and offer to stop. The team saves Daken and tracks down Mr. Sinister in Finland. They need Wolverine’s body to find a cure for their preprogrammed deaths. However they need someone to break into Mr. Sinister’s hideout and her name is Fantomelle.